Best Bra for Fibromyalgia; Women Share Their Breakthrough Brassieres

For women like Karen Lee Richards, fibromyalgia has made life more challenging and limited than anyone could bargain for. For Karen, it’s finding the cloth that doesn’t cause much pain, especially bras that don’t hurt her chest. And while you may have to test all the brassieres in the department stores, from hook to strapless to underwire, we save you the trouble. To help you pick the best bra for fibromyalgia we follow-up female victims, receive their breakthrough underdress, and recommend them to you. This way, so we believe, you escape getting lied to by fake customer’s reviews online. We also find out the breast type and lifestyle of each of these women so you decide precisely what’s good for you and what’s not. Let’s get in. (Spoilers; no spoilers!)

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Top 6 Bras for Fibromyalgia – Comparison Table

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Best Bra for Fibromyalgia – Complete Review​

  1. Nubra Seamless Adhesive Bra

According to Karen, the co-founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association, Nubra seamless adhesive bra is the only one that worked out of the many, for her. Does this make our next 5 below money-wasters? Nope. Note that Nubra only worked for Karen because of her breast type. Look her story up here or see the attached image snippet from the same story on

The Nubra design is a padded brassiere intended only to create cleavage. As a seamless bra with no underwire, Nubra sticks to the breast with the mechanism of adhesive. The 40% silicone adhesive employed secures firm wear for up to 75 times. Just stick it on rest easy that your bra won’t fall off or stick out of a backless dress. The 30% lightweight polyurethane foam brings the comfort you’ve always wanted to your breast, without becoming a weight to the sensitive part of your chest. Finally, these are two separate cups with connection clips to adjust Nubra to your shape. This may not be good for saggy breasts but for your fuller breast with wide space between them, Nubra is the best bra for fibromyalgia. Did we mention the all-size availability of Nubra? We recommend it especially for how easy to wash and comfortable Nubra is to wear.

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  1. Front Zip Sports Bra Post Surgery

We met Paige Whitney on The Mighty, a health discussion forum. Paige is not only diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but, according to her profile, is also depressed, add to panic and anxiety disorder. Fibromyalgia almost stopped her body from functioning ( see her story here or check the image snippet). After body and mind therapy, Paige is getting better. When she needed a bra that fits into her lifestyle and health condition, Paige was lucky to find just the best bra for fibromyalgia, the front zip sports bra post-surgery recommended here.

The women’s zip-front sports bra wireless post-surgery bra is what we found in her shared link. It is specially made for women after breast surgery. Nevertheless, it is ideal for sports, especially for your yoga classes or other body therapy activities that’d otherwise set your boobs in frustrating motions. This underwear has the support you need to keep saggy boobs in good shape. No chafe, no bounce, no sweat, and no discomfort. The bra is easy to wear thanks to the front-zip, and the included pads are easy to remove, wash, and return. Did we say it comes in five different colors and all sizes? If you’re looking for the best bra for rib pain or the best bra for neck and shoulder pain to avoid fibro pain or post-surgery stress getting in the way of your active life, your search ends here. Otherwise, move to our next featured brassiere below.

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  1. Victoria’s Secret BodyVictoria Unlined Demi Bra

Sonya is an active member on The Lingerie Addict. She’s had fibro for 15 years. According to Sonya’s story in a tread (or see the image snippet below), her main trigger points are around her shoulders. And Victoria’s secret body unlined demi bra has done much to keep her love for strap brassieres alive with no discomfort in the least.

Victoria’s secret body unlined demi bra is a floral lacey foamless lingerie tailored to taste. For o, it is foam-free, and therefore doesn’t press on the breast, unlike most padded designs. Then again it is unlined with foam slings for cozy push-up supports of the saggy breast. The convenient adjustable straps make this underwear easy to strap-on and convertible to a cross-back. If like Sanya most of the strain you’re looking to escape is on the shoulder region, Victoria’s secret body is the best bra for fibromyalgia for you. It is available in pink, red, wine, black, black and white, pink, orange, gold, purple, blue, and even more. One thing though, Victoria’s secret body is at the big price point of the market. For a less expensive brassier for sensitive skin, see the next brand below.


  1. Genie Bra Women Seamless 3-Pack

Genie seamless 3-in-1-pack bra is a savior to women like Michelle and Marrero. And if you happen to dread bras with wire, those that dig or pinch irritably into your sensitive chest area, go for Genie.

Coming in jade, purple, and coral, Genie bra features a wide comfort band lifting support for all breast shape at the fraction of the cost its peers. No wire, no tiny biting straps, no hooks, and no taunting seams. The wider shoulder straps are soft on shoulders while giving you the elegant feeling and self-esteem you deserve wherever you go. It provides a great silhouette beneath your dress so you can enjoy your day at work delivering your best performance. For office and sport, this is the best bra for fibromyalgia. Each of the 3 pieces is made with 96% nylon and 4% spandex to make washing easy. By the way, Genie is machine washable and wouldn’t ruin other special dresses when thrown at the machine at a time. Finally, it comes in small, medium, large, X-large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, and 4X-large so you can always find the right size on the market for full coverages.

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  1. Warner’s Women’s Easy Does it No Bulge Wire-Free Bra

Almost a hundred brands were recommended to a lady on the WebMD forum. She’s just heard of the new bras made for fibro patients and couldn’t get a good one anywhere. From her post, we find she’s tried almost 76% of the recommendations thrown her way with no great result. Fortunately, at long she tested Warner’s women brand recommended by a member as shown in the snippet below. And the result was the no-pain yes-gain deal. It turns out the duo belongs to the itty bitty titty committee, so size was the main issue.

Do you fall into the same small breast group? Great. Warner’s women’s easy does it no bulge is the best bra for fibromyalgia. To make the bad old days of wire/underwire lingerie distance memory and enjoy pleasurably smooth support around your girls, this is the deal. Though in larger sizes too, Warner’s comes in the smallest sizes with 88% polyester for fuller accommodation. The 12% elastane makes the cup stretchy and tough, enabling the underwear to mold itself around your girls for the covering and support that they need. Finally, the necklines are laced to detail, securing that nothing shows under your dress in a class. We highly recommend this for college students, teens, and anyone with a less full bust. Warner’s come in sea spray blue and lavender bloom only but the comfort back straps for anything.

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  1. Genie(r) Bra Women’s Milana Bra with Lace Overlay

Busty ladies like L-Kitty of Livingwithfibro community get the biggest share of the meat size. For the most part, you have no “going-braless” option, unlike the itty bitty titty committee. Going without a thing holding your bust together in-place open you to dealing with the extra pains from your breast-weight, plus the bad posture. And if you happen to have a busy life, you don’t want fibro getting in the way. See what L-Kitty says about her breakthrough bra brand in the snippet below.

This Milana bra from Genie is a camisole-shaped bra with a delicate but yet tough, stretchy fabric for both your button-down shirts and the low-cuts. Also great to wear on the beach, Genie(r) Milana bra appears as a dyed-to-match colored brassier with underbust band support for the girls during athletic activities. Just slide in and pull it on, you dislike struggling with hooks and eye, and you’re for a 24/7 fashionable comfort. Handwash it or throw it in the machine, using the Milana genie bra is as enjoyable as maintaining it. We believe, for busty women, this is the best bra for fibromyalgia.

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There’s no one-solution-fits-all brand on the market when it comes to using the best bra for fibromyalgia. While a group of fibro patients cringes at the bra pad pressing against their boobs, for some it’s getting everything away from their shoulder regions. So it’s all about getting to know what part of your chest region is hyper-sensitive. That is why take the work of getting into the lives of the women shown here. We figured why their respective breakthrough brands work for them so you can make the right choice. Meanwhile, should you not find a brand for your breast type or fibro level, use the comment box to get a more specific recommendation.