Best Bras for Scoliosis; See How These Women Get in Shape

Getting out of scoliosis isn’t a walk in the park. In the long-run, you find yourself in a love-hate relationship with dresses, from undies to outfits. While you may have to get a yoga membership soon, or preferably have an operation done on you, we kick your most haunting dressing-up challenge off the way. By creating a post on communities/forums for scoliosis patients, we found the best bras for scoliosis sworn to by female members. The handpicked ones have been reviewed below and recommended based on real-life user’s;

  • Breast shape/type
  • Breast size
  • Level of scoliosis
  • Price

Let’s dive in.

Top 6 Bras for Scoliosis – Comparison Table

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  1. Lululemon Free to be bra Strappy Sports Bra

Lululemon Free to Be Bra Strappy Sports Bra White (4)

Regular exercises help cut back on the crisis while slowly re-aligning a C curve spinal cord. To make your stretches comfortable and turn things around with the nightmares of getting in a yoga class, a strappy sports bra goes a long way to hitting your posture target. According to Elaine, a 16-year old diagnosed with EDS-3 and an active yogi, she finds Lululemon a great solution to her back pain and a bra that holds everything in place. Read her in the snippet image below.

Lululemon is a low-coverage bra with light-support design. You are able to reduce the heat/sweating when in the middle of your stretches and get the natural realignment you’ve always wanted from your C curve back. For your handstands and twists, Lululemon is looped with crisscrossed back straps. The open neckline applies mild force to your back and is made with stretchy fabric to not slack regardless of your posture. And for when you need to get away in your dinners or official outfits, this brassiere adds to your small bust with extra padding removable from the cup pockets. Finally, the bra is 77% nylon and 23% lycra elastane, making it safe to wear, comfortable, and easy to wash. We believe this is a bang for the buck for yogi enthusiasts looking for the best bras for scoliosis.

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  1. Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Underwire Sport Bra

Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Underwire Cami Sports Bra for Women with Back Support,Beige,36C

Jayme Schemansky was out for a recommendation on a posture corrector brace wearable to the office. Jayme’s posture couldn’t get along with tens of the tried posture correction bras. Lucky for her, one of the specialist physiotherapists on reached-out right in time recommending Leonisa posture corrector bra to her. Finally, Jayme is in a reunion with bras once again, but this time she’s happier.

If you’re looking for the perfect fit tailored ground-up to be your personal physiotherapist wherever you go, Leonisa is a breakthrough. Made specifically for hunchback victims, ladies with kyphosis or round-back, Leonisa ease your posture with a high-back design. It smoothens your back and arms 88% polyamide design materials without slacking out, in the long run, thanks to the massive elastic power 12% elastane. The adjustable back closure is made with an elastic band for soothing back posture correction. Likewise, the 4 level hook eye is machine-fixed to never fall out and is located close to the arms for quick, easy access so you wear your bra with no hassle.

Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Underwire Cami Sports Bra for Women with Back Support,Beige,36C

Finally, if pads hurt your girls, Leonisa comes as an ultra-soft contour cups to put your breasts in their best shape with no pad included. Did we mention this has the kind of adjustable straps that beat the conventional brassieres to the dust? Start a new experience by escaping those horrible straps known for digging into the shoulder?  And if you happen to dread underwires but love their extra support, Leonisa’s underwires are as comfy as supporting. One thing though. Leonisa is the staple of the best bras for scoliosis you’ll ever use but you’ll never find a D size of it anywhere in the market.

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  1. Shapeez Tankee Long; Back Smoothing Bra Ultra-comfortable

Shapeez Tankee Long - Nude - Medium-DD

If you have a 50 degrees side curvature on your spinal cord the worst thing you never signed up for is the uncontrollable falling off of a side strap. Cheri, her success story shown in the snippet below, has a shoulder bent lower than the other since childhood. Conventional bras give her the creep before her love-at-first-sight union with Shapeez back-smoothing bra.

The Shapeez Tankee Long lingerie is a tank-style with no band and no closure hook-and-eye or adhesive mechanism. Otherwise, it is a patented smooth-back design, keeping your backline straight in line with your waist while boasting the silhouette fitness you’ve always wanted. The integrated curved underwires securing your curvy looks are made comfortable being enclosed by nylon-lycra fabric. But while your boob’s curvy look is perfected, Shapeez Tankee long lingerie integrates frontal adjustable straps to annul the slippering power of your shoulder. Say hello to comfort and elegancy. Meanwhile, the entire bra is 88% nylon and 12% lycra resulting in a 4-way-stretch back-support for side curve and C curve scoliosis. Nevertheless, Shapeez Tankee long ultra-comfortable bra is at the top end of the market but if the price doesn’t bite you, you deserve the best bras for scoliosis and this is greater.

Shapeez Tankee Long - Nude - Medium-DD

Finally, your breast is molded soothingly with an extra busty hot look thanks to the unremovable pads built into whatever size of Shapeez you choose from the size chart.

Meanwhile, see below for 3 other top-of-the-market best brassieres for scoliosis. They have no accompanying stories but otherwise great backups on Amazon from real users.

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  1. Delimira Women’s Full Coverage Front Closure Wire Free Back Support Bra

DELIMIRA Women's Full Coverage Posture Corrector Front Closure Wireless Back Support Bra Beige 40C

When the dream becomes keeping your shoulders from slushing forward due to scoliosis, you need constant support without getting on anybody’s honey-do list.  Add Delimira wire-free back support brassiere to your yoga and diets to get your shoulders back in position. The Delimira bra is a full-coverage design tailored polyamide and spandex materials. Your girls are given a natural shape in stretchy smooth cups cushioning your skin even in the middle of athletic activities. To meet all outfits for different outings, the Delimira has a low-cut coverage for your neck, consider this a great summer-heat escapade while still looking hot!

Slip into comfort, bring the two stretchy cups together in 6 rows of hook and eye, and finally slip on the straps. The Delimira design gives you full support and stability in 2 adjustable wide, flexible straps made to never slip off once in place.

DELIMIRA Women's Full Coverage Posture Corrector Front Closure Wireless Back Support Bra Beige 40C

Lastly, the X-shape structure of Delimira back support helps greatly in improving back posture, relieving neck pain, and shoulder pain. If underwires were nightmares and padded bras were doom, Delimira falls in your list of the best bras for scoliosis. The wide, high contour coverage of this design is your entry into a whole new relationship with brassieres.

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  1. Exquisite Form Fully Women’s Longline Lace Posture Bra

Exquisite Form 5107565 Fully Women's Original Longline Lace Posture Bra, Black, 38D

What have you heard about 100% nylon bras? 100% easy to wash. 100% easy to slide into. 100% firm and relaxing. 100% best bras for scoliosis. The Exquisite Longline lace posture bra just happens to be the queen of hundreds of them—yes, you’d find hundreds on the market. But here’s why. To start with, you have a full wide comfort band from back to the waistline, and by that eliminating skin irritation. On the front, you have soft lace panels for the soft touch you deserve at that price. Speaking of the lace panels, they also cut-back on the heat common with nylon bras.

Meanwhile, this is a frontal closure design with 14 hook-and-eye closings for the full length, allowing the double support under-cups to be more supportive and comfortable. But what’s the support like?

Exquisite Form 5107565 Fully Women's Original Longline Lace Posture Bra, Black, 38D

Definitely Exquisite after all. The reinforced Powernet wide band strappings of this longline posture lingerie support your back while straightening your shoulder without slacking after several uses. For posture improvement and pushing down of the extra curves, Exquisite posture bra is one of the best bras for scoliosis

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  1. SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Front Zip Sport Support bra

SYROKAN Women's High Impact Wireless Cross Back Support Front Zip Sports Bra Black 36DD

Last on our list of the best bras for scoliosis is the SYROKAN women’s high impact brassiere. Highly recommended for athletes with scoliosis like Emelia Goroka, the 3-times European cross country champion. SYROKAN is a wireless bra, seriously durable for all-position support needed in a water or field sport. The soft cups free your boobs from the confinement of pads and the weight pads add to your nature-given busts. You have a reinforcement back support that never slack-out when flipping tires on your outdoor routines.

And when in the gym, SYROKAN is the breathable fabric-made piece of undergarment you want to be in, with your dress discarded or not. Under the high impact back support is a comfy, tough cross-back that slowly realigns your posture, making your workouts more productive. The frontal zipper may make this bra easy to wear and discard, but again it boasts a soothing firm hold around your body so you don’t have your breast popping out when active.

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Did you find your bra of choice? Having a closet of hurtful lingerie is escapable with the best bras for scoliosis recommended here. We’d like to offer a special recommendation to you if we missed your scoliosis type.