breast tightening exercise with picture
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Breast Tightening Exercise with Picture to Tighten Your Breast

Breast tightening exercise with picture Help you to Lift your breast and follow them easily. Every woman wants perfect, nice, and lifting breast but as a woman breast sagging is the main common problem with them. Most of the time it happened after childbirth and your ignorance of some common issues. In this article, I will explain some common cause of sagging and give you  10 home exercise for breast tightening. Breast exercise will help you breast. I can’t remove it permanently but learn you how to reduce them after doing these exercises regularly. So. I think this article will be really helpful to gain a natural breast shape at home.

Why Breast Sag?

Female breast has a lot of fat and ligaments and muscle tissue, I think breast sagging is a natural body change of woman. It increases with your age and you can’t avoid them, it must come. So we should try to reduce them as much as we can. Now let’s have a look on common causes of sagging. 

  • Lack of Proper Bra support. 
  • Age Increasing.
  • Getting Plus Size Body.
  • Smoking
  • Skipping Sunscreen. 
  • Crash Dieting.
  • Breast Feeding.

Top 10 Exercise For Breast Tightening at Your Home

1. Side Support Bra:

This is the main option for you that can help to shape your breast natural and lifting. Side support or sports bra gives you large area coverage of your sagging breast. But you need to choose the right one from thousands of product. You can check out my best side support bra list for sagging breast.

2. Dumbbell Chest Press

Lie faceup on your exercise bench or floor with your arms straight and the dumbbell in each of the hand. First, straight your hand and down them until they’re close to your chest. Now back your hand to the original position where you start. Do it 10 to 15 times a day.

Now in the second step just straight your hand with the dumbbell, down them inside your head until your arm touches your ear and back them again in original position. Do it 10 to 12 time each day.

4. Pushup

Lower down your head until your breast touches the ground. Put your upper arms at a 45-degree angle to your body. Wait for a second, then push back your body to the starting position where your hand will be straight.

5. Wall push-ups Exercise

Go and stand up 2 feet away from the wall and forward your face to the wall until your nose almost touches the wall, don’t move your leg. Now go back your head at the starting position. Perform this wall push-ups 10 to 12 times a day.

6. Medicine Ball Push Up

The offset hand position forces your shoulders, chest, and core to stabilize your body while you are doing the press-up. The facet the ball is on works through a extended vary of motion, increasing muscle activation

7. Walking unless jogging

It decreases not only breast sagging but also general body fat that gives your body in natural shape. In your daily routine add 25 to 30 minutes walking otherwise jogging.

8. Swimming

To keep your body healthy swimming is the key exercise. All of your body part active in a pull, your backstroke and front stroke work well. your shoulder and muscle become stronger. you need to swim regularly for 10 to 15 minutes.

9. Shoulder press

Shoulder press helps you to get strong and active muscle. This exercise focus on your upper body part. Just take your dumbbells and forward your elbow with 90 degrees and back your hand then move to straight beside your head.

10. Plank rotation

Take your position like pus up exercise then take your one hand to your backside at the same time another hand doesn’t move and don’t angel your hand. This exercise helps you to make better pecs.


“Do all the the exercise everyday, you will get noticeable change to your breast and health fitness”

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