Can Drinking Milk Increase Breast Size? True or False?

Quick question:

Can drinking milk increase breast size?

Even if you are not looking to stimulate the growth of your breast, merely drinking milk regularly has immense health benefits for you as it contains essential minerals and vitamins like Potassium, Vit. B6 , calcium, and dietary protein.

Back to your question — can drinking milk increase breast size?

Keep reading to learn about how milk can make your tatas bigger. We’ll also provide answers to the frequently asked questions about growing bigger breasts.

For starters;

Can Drinking Milk Increase Breast Size?


Estrogen is the major hormone responsible for breast growth. So, consuming foods rich in estrogen can help you achieve the desired growth in the breast.

The good news is — Milk contains estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. These are essential secretions that help to achieve an increase in the size of your boobs.

However, blindly ingesting milk does not mean the growth of your boob size would take off like a rocket ship. You should combine it with other activities such as exercising, breast massaging, and other options that can help your breasts appear larger.

With that said.

How Does Milk Make Your Boobs Grow?

It’s simple;

As I stated earlier, Milk contains prolactin, progesterone, and estrogen. The estrogen hormone is the reproductive hormone that stimulates the connective tissues in the breast which ends in an increased boobs size.

As per the National Library Of Medicine, large breast sizes were significantly associated with high prolactin.

Progesterone also has an impact on breast growth but its mechanism is somewhat undesirable to non-nursing mothers as it influences boobs growth by stimulating the growth and development of milk-producing cells in the breasts.

One more thing is…

Milk contains fat and the breasts are also made of fatty tissues. So increasing your fat consumption can help you gain more weight and as a result, lead to the deposit of more fat layers in your boobs region.

What Milks Can Make Your Breast Bigger?

Here, we are going to take a closer observation at the various types of milk there is, on that basis filter the types that aren’t of much help to you.

Does that make sense?

Some of the kinds of milk that have been observed to be useful are dairy milk, cashew milk, almond milk, chocolate milk, papaya milk, and coconut milk.


These kinds of milk contain estrogen or a plant-like estrogen which helps to stimulate the stimulate tissues in the breast for growth.

What Causes Small Breast Size?

Maybe you don’t have a small breast like you have been predisposed to conclude. 

Here is the truth;

The subject of breast size is relative. What someone considers small might not be small at all.

Someone with an F breast cup size might consider a C cup to be small. While someone with a C cup size might say A-cupped breast is small.

Do you get the idea?

And that’s not all — The shape of your tatas and your body frame can make you assume you have small breasts when, in fact, you do not. It’s just a lack of proportion between your build and your boobs.


There are medical conditions responsible for small boobs. And it is purely genetics, i.e. it is because of hereditary. These underdeveloped breasts are called hypomastia.

Hypomastia is a condition where the breast is underdeveloped even after passing puberty. The size of such breasts is usually between 200mg.

Poland’s syndrome, Hormonal imbalance, Turner’s syndrome, and Ulnar–mammary syndrome are responsible for post-puberty underdeveloped breasts.

What Is The Normal Breast Size?

34DD is the assumed average size of breasts in the USA. It’s still fairly big, right? Well, not every woman has this breast size. Some are larger while others are lower.

What’s The Smallest Breast Size?

Cup A is the smallest cup size. However, while it is difficult to state the exact size of the smallest breast, we can assume it is 28AA, the smallest bra size available in the market.

The End

So, what do you think?

Does milk make your breasts bigger? 

Well, the truth is there are no scientific/clinical studies to confirm the validity of this statement (As at the time of publishing this post). However, many women have confirmed that drinking milk contributed to their breast size increase.

So, why not experiment? It could be your lucky charm. There is no harm in trying, right?