A Shocking Discovery: Can You Wear A Sports Bra As A Bikini Top?

If your sports bra has always thrown you into a puzzle whenever you get a hold of it because if how stylish it looks, or has made you ask “can you wear a sports bra as a bikini top?”, then you are on the right page to get responses to your unanswered questions.


You have a swimming date with a couple of friends, and you realized you have outgrown your bikinis. It has been a while since you touched them, and you have this beautiful sports bra that could pass for a bikini top. 

But you are unsure of whether that would work well, so you ask, “can you wear a sports bra as a bikini top?”

Be calm, you are on the right page. This post will answer that question and by the time you’re done reading this post, you will be sure whether you can wear a sports bra as a bikini top or not.

There will also be the usual section that answers frequently asked questions on the subject- Can you wear a sports bra as a bikini top?

Let us get busy.

Can You Wear A Sports Bra As A Bikini Top?

Wearing a sports bra as swimwear or beachwear is very possible. However, a sports bra has to meet certain conditions to pass for a perfect replacement for a bikini top. 

These conditions are the qualities that make a bikini top what it is, and they will make a sports bra a bikini top too.

If you care to know what these ‘amazing features’ are, stick with me right here with rapt attention while I share them with you.

  1. The Bra Fabric

A sports bra will perfectly replace a bikini top if the materials used are suitable for the purposes intended. This is a very essential feature to look out for since swimming is an exercise and it is most likely summer if you are hitting the beach. 

For both instances, there is a high chance of you getting hot, hence you should ensure the fabric is breathable and one that wicks away moisture. 

The fabric should be thin and be one that quickly gets dry to make a very comfortable bikini that would suit either beachwear or swimwear. 

Heavily padded sports bras are not ideal for bikini tops, they will make you all soggy either from water in the pool or from your own sweat.

  1. The Closure Materials

For a sports bra to replace your bikini top effectively, the hook and eye closure should be of low rust materials. 

This is because you will expose the sports bra to moisture, hence there is a high likelihood of rust and damage if the closure is not made of good metals.

An ideal sports bra bikini top should have a coated hook-and-eye closure that will not expose the metal to moisture. 

This improves the resistance of your sports bra to rust and elongates the life span of the sports bra.

  1. Heavy-Duty Quality

Due to the chemical composition in pools and oceans, your sports bra should be of high durable quality in order to withstand the somewhat harsh conditions it might be exposed to.

Regardless of the bra type or the purpose, it is serving, a bra should be able to support and give you maximum comfort. 

However, a higher level of support is required when you are in a body of water and this is guaranteed when you wear a sports bra as your bikini top. It gives your breasts so much hold and you feel covered enough in case you desire top-notch modesty.

  1. The Style Of Bra Straps

It is greatly essential to check for the shaping of your sports bra straps before you rock it as a bikini top. Whether you are at the pool or at sea, you can not dodge swinging your arms or extending your arms in their full glory.

This means that a bra style that makes your straps sit on your shoulder blade will not be a good idea for you because it will dig into your shoulders. 

Racerback or cross-back styles of sports bra are highly suggested if you want the sports bra to serve you well as a bikini top.

Benefits Of Wearing A Sports Bra As A Bikini Top

In a bid to help you reach a timely conclusion on what is bothering you, or giving a definite answer to the question “can you wear a sports bra as a bikini top?”, I feel you should know the blessings attached to it.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Comfort

The topmost advantage that can come with any wear, lingerie, or a complete outfit is always comfort. Maximum comfort is highly guaranteed when you wear a sports bra as a bikini top without leaving out the other function of support.

Sports bras do not come with nasty underwires that are likely to dig into your skin or hurt your ribcage. They also come with stretchy materials that conform well with your body figure and accentuate your curves.

  • Support

This is yet another function of bras that no one intends to do without. Also, how would you feel if there was “a bikini top” that offers top-notch support? I bet your heart will skip for joy!

This is what a sports-bra-turned-bikini-top will do to you and your fave ‘girls’. They do all the work by putting your boobs in place, while you get all the fun. Sounds intriguing, right? Yeah!

I am certain the most excited group of women at the sound of this piece of news is the one with plus-size boobs. Yay or nay?

Flaws Of Wearing A Sports Bra As A Bikini Top

You might be wondering if it is all good news about wearing a sports bra as a bikini top and there are no disadvantages to it. 

There are, but fortunately, they are situations that can be evaded as long as the sports bra tick all the boxes of the features we saw earlier.

The plausible drawbacks of this action are exposure to damage and taking a longer time to dry up. These can however be tackled once you pick up a lightweight and durable sports bra that can stand the test of time.

The Verdict- Can You Wear A Sports Bra As A Bikini Top?

Absolutely! You can wear a sports bra as a bikini top so far it checks all the requirement boxes listed above. I have given a rundown of what you stand to gain by doing so and you stand a great chance of losing nothing as long as you choose the right sports bra.

Hence, the answer to the question “can you wear a sports bra as a bikini top?” is “Yes, you can!”

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Wearing A Sports Bra As A Bikini Top

  • Can I wear a sports bra in place of a swimsuit top?

Since a swimsuit top and sports bra serve similar purposes, you can wear a sports bra in place of a swimsuit top. 

Wearing it solely depends on how comfortable it makes you feel to wear a sports bra as a swimsuit top. 

Therefore, it is a green flag if you are comfortable wearing a sports bra as a swimsuit top.

  • Is it weird to wear a sports bra to the beach?

Of course not! It is not weird to wear a sports bra to the beach, well if you personally don’t feel weird in it. Your attitude will determine whether or not you feel weird at the beach in your sports bra.

But considering how supportive and comfortable a sports bra is, you can slay it unapologetically to the beach!

  • Can I wear a bra under my bikini top?

Normally, you should not but you can wear a bra under your bikini top if you think your bikini top does not offer as much support as you yearn for your breasts.

Bra straps can show under thin bikini straps and may appear bulky especially when it is a padded bra. So, it is advisable that you find a bikini top that works well for you or supports your boobs to a large extent rather than pairing your bikini top with a bra.


Given all we have discussed, I think you already know what your answer is to the question “can you wear a sports bra as a bikini top?”

It is reasonable to have asked to avoid others raising eyebrows when they see you hit the beach in a sports bra, but should it bother you what others think?

Check out the features that can make a sports bra pass for a swimsuit, and most importantly, ensure you are comfortable in it. 

Comfort breeds confidence and confidence, they say, is sexy. So slay the sports bra confidently because your attitude matters the most. 

Have a fun-filled day at the beach with your cute sports bra!