Do You Wear A Bra Under A Sports Bra? Unravel The Answer To This Bugging Question!

It is not a piece of strange news that most female athletes or active women go on the internet to find definite answers to “Do you wear a bra under a sports bra?”.

Unfortunately, there are no definite answers to this arguable question. While someone answers “yes, you can”, another person answers “no, you can’t”, and some do not belong to either of the groups, they simply throw the ball in your court.

The big news is that this post promises not to put you in another dilemma by giving all it can to provide you with a straightforward answer.

If this sounds interesting to you, stay glued to this page while we do this together.

Let us get the show on the road!

Why Do You Wear A Bra Under A Sports Bra? Potential Reasons!

It is not a crime to have had that question of ‘do you wear a bra under a sports bra?’ cross your mind. It is quite understandable since many of the reasons ‌a lady might decide to layer her sports bra are justifiable. 

Some of these reasons include:


  • Working around the minimizing effect of a sports bra by doubling their bras.
  • To keep their nipples away from gazing eyes
  • For maximum support, especially in the case of plus-size breasts
  • Some simply hate the idea of changing in public places, like the changing room in a gym. So, they just throw on the sports bra over the regular bra they have had on.
  • To improve modesty in cases of sheer sports bras.
  • Poor quality sports bras that do not function well as they should.
  • And it is just a habitual thing for some ladies. They can’t do without layering their wears.

Disadvantages Of Wearing A Regular Bra Under A Sports Bra

Layering a sports bra with another bra is not a cool idea, so it comes with some drawbacks. These flaws include:

  • Most sports bras compress the chest region. When you layer them with a normal bra which possibly comes with a hook-and-eye closure or underwires, the sports bra compresses them and makes those features dig into your skin.
  • The straps of sports bras are usually wide because you might have to move your upper limbs during your workout session. 

The wide straps, thus, make it easier for you, but the thin straps of regular bras will not let you rest. Get ready for some digging on your shoulders.

  • Wearing two bras increases your chances of being hot and soggy. While your sports bra is made of a breathable fabric to tackle that, the bra you paired it with might not be.
  • There also will be a conflict of interest between those bras, while one is trying to minimize your bust, the other aims at accentuating all you have got.

Do You Wear A Bra Under A Sports Bra? Is It Proper?

Ideally, an athletic bra should be enough on its own as long as you picked up the right fit for you. Pairing a sports bra with a regular bra, push-up bra, or water bra, will definitely come with a lot of discomfort, and this is reasonable. 

A sports bra should be as comfortable as possible, because of the purpose it was designed for. It should be breathable enough to reduce high perspiration and be supportive enough to prevent boob bounce you did not bargain for.

However, wearing two bras will put the integrity of the sports bra at stake. Even though you are trying to get as much support as possible, it will get too hot and uncomfortable for you.

Therefore, the answer is “No, it is not proper.”

I am sure the next question will be “how do you go about this?” or “what alternatives do I have if it is wrong to wear a bra under a sports bra?”.

This is quite easier than you think it is. The manufacturers definitely had all of these concerns in mind before putting sports bras out for sale. 

But, most women will not get the most of these bras because we overlook so many things. 

Features To Look Out For In A Sports Bra

Below is a rundown of some ‌features you should look out for in a sports bra before adding them to your carts or throwing them off the hangers:

  1. The Right Fit

In the world of choosing bras, this will always top the chart. It is extremely important to choose the bra that fits you well if you hope to enjoy your bra to the fullest.

A suitable sports bra for you should be tighter than a conventional bra on you, but it should not be so tight that movement becomes almost impossible.

Check here: How to measure a man for a sports bra to get your actual bra size or meet a professional to get rightly fitted.

  1. Breathable Fabrics

The kind of fabrics a sports bra is made of should always be breathable. It is designed for athletes and active women, so you would not want to add more hotness to what you will already feel from the rigorous exercise. 

If the fabric is likely to hold moisture, it is better to disregard such a sports bra. Asides from trapping moisture, it will expose you to skin irritations which is not good for you. Cotton fabrics are highly suggested.

  1. Breast Cups

Rather than the traditional compression style of sports bras, a sports bra with breast cups is a game. 

Your breasts can get all the support they want if the sports bras have cups that cater to each breast and give it all the support they can. 

That way, you would get to have a feel of regular bras, and you would not need to wear double bras.

  1. Bra Band

The perfect bra band of a sports bra should be of a quality flexible and heavy-duty material. Also, the band should not be too tight or loose that it rides on your back, but fits enough to sit well on you.

The bra band offers about 80% of the support a bra offers, so you do not want to get it wrong at that level.

  1. Bra Straps

A good sports bra should come with wide straps and, most especially, adjustable straps. With these straps, you can modify them to the length that is comfortable for you.

Other than the band, which provides most of the support in a bra, the bra straps are next in line. They provide support for the breasts and prevent them from unwanted bounce.

  1. Test Run the Bra

Once you are done checking, put the bra on and see if you were not wrong at any point. Practice all your athletic moves with the bra on to check if it’s comfy. 

If you are satisfied with the results, head on to the cashpoint to pay for the newest member of your bra collections!

Final Notes

Voila! I believe no one who has righteously followed this brief journey to the end would have to ask if to wear double bras. 

I also hope this post kept to the promise of giving a definite answer to “Do you wear a bra under a sports bra?”

It is quite uncomfortable to wear double bras, particularly not in the case of a workout episode. You can check out for the features of sports bra I listed to avoid bra issues that could put you in a tight corner.

Once these features tick all the boxes, you definitely won’t have any reason to wear a bra under a sports bra or ask, “do you wear a bra under a sports bra?” 

Cheers to a comfy athletic bra-ing!