Does Alcohol Make Your Breasts Bigger? A Cycle Of Authentic Answers

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Does alcohol make your breasts bigger?

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Does Alcohol Make Your Breasts Bigger? 

Let’s face it:

Breast growth is something a majority of the flat-chested ladies are concerned about. Is it a thing of shame to have small breasts? No, it isn’t. And over the years various tips for enhancing the size of breasts have been passed around. One of which is the use of alcohol.

“Does alcohol make your breast bigger?” That’s probably a possibility you never thought possible. Yet, ‌consuming beer has been touted as a remedy for amplifying the size of breasts, especially in women. As per National Center for Biotechnology the estrogenic effects of hops are highly potent. 

Hidden in every beer are hops. These ingredients are responsible for the aroma and bitter taste of beer. As a note, these are also why beers are recognized for making the size of breasts bigger, both in men and women alike. 

Now, it does not end there.

The ingredient responsible for larger breasts in alcohol, hops, is available only in minute quantities in beer. Therefore, you’ll only see results when you take alcohol indiscriminately. 

Another notable observation is how increased estrogen levels have been purported to increase the risk of breast cancer in women as observed by National Cancer Institute. This leaves one wondering whether uncontrolled alcohol consumption is safe for making breasts bigger in women.

Beyond that, there are other undesirable adverse effects that can result from the indiscriminate consumption of alcohol. For instance, alcohol poisoning, and miscarriage are some of the short-term effects while high blood pressure, mental health issues, and addiction are among the long-term side effects.

So, how can alcohol lead to increased breast size?

How Can Alcohol Help Breasts Grow In Size?

First, a disclaimer:

It may take a long time before you begin to see any result at all. So, find time to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner before you settle for alcohol consumption as the agent for growing your boobs.

Have you got that right?

According to the Center for diseases control and prevention, between 2015 and 2019, about 26,000 people died prematurely due to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

Anyone who is pregnant, below the legal age, or suffers from a pre-existing medical condition should avoid drinking alcohol and for anyone who falls outside this bracket, you may as well abide by the standard amount of 0.6 ounces if you are going to drink alcohol at all.

Because of the many adverse effects which far outweigh the benefits, we strongly advise against the use of alcohol for breast growth and, if you find that you prefer this route for growing your breast do not take more than the recommended standard per day.

What Are The Safer Ways Of Growing Your Breast?

While the population of women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery has tripled since the late 90s, many women still complain about the prospect of going under the knife, so they are always searching for a natural means of growing their breasts.

I have written on various natural alternatives to seeing your boobs region become larger, wider, and more prominent. 

Breast massage has been widely acclaimed to be effective for larger breasts, read this piece on how to massage breasts for increasing size to learn about the various techniques, dos, and don’ts of massaging breasts to ensure you see results.

You can also incorporate estrogen-rich foods in your diet to achieve tatas growth. For instance, cashew nuts, soy-based products, and fennel seeds,  among others can help your breasts grow bigger if you consume them in the right amounts. You may also have to support this diet with exercises that can tone, firm, and strengthen the muscles in your chest region for faster results.

That is not all:

Some vitamins can also help you in this case. Read this piece on what vitamins make your breasts grow for a detailed explanation.


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Cause Overdeveloped Breasts? 

Genetics, hereditary, body weight and hormonal changes are the factors that can influence bigger busts. Unless you take deliberate lifestyle choices or undergo surgery, you may be unable to 

Does Palm Wine Increase Breast Size?

Contrary to popular belief. There is no truth ‌to the​​ myth that palm wine consumption can increase breast size.

What Can I Drink To Increase My Breast?

Some of the drinks that are good for your overall health and for increasing breast size are milk. Cow milk is particularly loaded with estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, which in turn leads to enhanced breast size.

Is Drinking Alcohol Bad For Hormone Balance?

Yes. excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to the disruption of estrogen balance in the body. While this may also bring about larger breasts. The chances are not too high but what is most likely is you would experience adverse effects from doing this.

How Do You Know ‌Your Breasts Are Growing?

Breast growth is a phenomenon that begins in young girls after they have experienced their first menstrual period and it may last until their late teen. First, a lump ‌forms under the nipple. Then, the skin stretches, which may bring about itchiness, pain, and soreness. This growth may last until one reaches puberty. Although, it is possible to grow your boobs even after reaching puberty.


Does alcohol make your breasts bigger?

By now, you may have already concluded on an answer taking your lifestyle into consideration as well as other info explained in this piece.

Knowing the risks and benefits of taking alcohol for breast growth. What would you do?