How Many Bras Should I Own

It is important to own varieties of bras for different occasions and purposes, as we know bras are an essential undergarment for women that comes in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, knowing how many types of undergarments to have is going to be the answer to the question ‘how many bras should I own?’ It is necessary to own different types of the numerous varieties of bras and rotate them every day.

On average women own up to 16 bras, for women having different styles and types of bras that can suit and make their breasts look good in different styles of cloth is a real deal. The case of having an unexpected wardrobe malfunction like the color of your bra being visible in the cloth you wear, being indecisive about the bra to wear every morning can bring you every time to the question of ‘how many bras should I own?’. As a woman, you need enough bras for different occasions, you have to have at least about four styles for the style of bra you wear the most since your everyday bras are your favorites and the ones you wear almost every time especially since you would be giving them a wash every 1-2 weeks, this all boils down to how many bras you should own in general.

At some points after too many wears, the bands of the bra will begin to stretch and won’t provide support as it’s meant to anymore, this is more reason why you should own different bras so you can wear them at different times for a different purpose.

Different Types of Bras To Own

You don’t need tons of bra as some of them would end up not fitting or might not be comfortable enough for you at some point then you end up having just a few of them you can wear and this would keep bringing you to the question you keep asking yourself of ‘how many bras should I own?’ even after owning so many.

As a woman, these are the different types of bras you should own

  1. Your Everyday Bra

    These are comfortable bras you wear almost every day for your daily activities. It is advisable to have at least four to five to be able to rotate them during the week and also have them in different colors like neutral colors and darker colors so that you would be able to alternate between them for different colors of clothes and since you would be washing them occasionally. You would definitely have a favorite bra but avoid wearing them two days in a row if you wear the same bra every day not only reduces the life span by slacking when worn occasionally and it also gets really dirty because we sweat often and stains might be difficult to remove when its time to wash it. Your t-shirt and push-up bras fall into this category.

  2. Bras for other different occasions

    Having fashionable and sexy bras for other occasions is also necessary for your bra collections like bras for those dinner dates and nights. Adding racerbacks for strapless, one-shoulder clothes to your collections and having convertible bras that come with straps that can be worn in different ways is also a good choice.

  3. Sports bra

    You would definitely need a separate bra for your workouts, this is the reason why we have bras specifically made for sports to keep your breasts in place when exercising or doing any form of rigorous activity, your workout routine determines how many sports bras you should own if you workout out on a regular you should have up to 2-5 sports bra because wearing a sports bra for many times without washing it can irritate your skin because as you exercise you sweat a lot.

  4. Bralette

    A bralette is popularly known to come in beautiful design and provides less support to the breast, in as much as most women wear it as a fashionable undergarment, some women prefer to wear it to sleep because of the comfort it provides.

  5. Convertible bras

    Convertible bras as the name implies are known for their versatility, they come with straps that let you easily convert your bras into different styles like racerbacks, backless, halters, etc.

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How To Take Care Of Your Bras

Having numerous bras will require a lot of attention especially when it comes to taking care of them for it to last for a long time.

Washing- washing your bra occasionally is not only hygienic but also increases its life span most bras are specifically meant to be hand-washed only a few come with the option of being able to be machine washed. Be careful when getting rid of the excess water after washing. It is preferable to wash your bras by hand but not necessarily a must.

Fold your bras-Always make sure you fold your bras in the drawer with the cups inside each other after washing and drying them or you store them laying flat in the drawer with enough breathable space, don’t squish or squeeze them together.

If your bra begins to show signs of wear and tear like losing its elasticity, your straps are stretching too far, bent hook and eyes, and the bands begin to feel loose, and if they no longer support or make you feel comfortable then its time for you to change it.

Most importantly always hand dry your bras, do not put them in the dryer.


The question ‘how many bras should I own?’ should be determined by your lifestyle, there is a million type of bras in the market and not all are for you and might work for you, that’s why you should know the type of bras to own. As a woman, you should own 3 bras as a minimum and you can have as many as 16 bras that should at least fit perfectly to some extent. Finally, check the collections of bras you currently own and get rid of the ones you don’t wear anymore due to one reason or the other and replace them with new ones.

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