How Old Should You Be To Wear A Thong?

Do you need answers to the question – “how old should you be to wear a thong”? Then, this educative post is one that you must read. 

This article aims to answer any question you might have whether as a parent looking out for her daughter and wondering if a thong would be appropriate for her age. Or as a teen who is not sure at what age to start wearing this type of underwear in question. 

Without a doubt, there are certain factors that got you searching for answers to this question and probably got you seeking validation from the internet space. 

Your daughter is either bothering you about it or you would like to get her some thongs, or it is peer pressure on your part as a teenager.

Whatever it is, let us get busy.

Firstly, let’s see

What Factors Influence The Age To Wear A Thong

Before you determine if a certain age is appropriate to wear a thong, you might have to consider the following variables:

  • Level of Hygiene

Undoubtedly, proper hygiene is a core value of female health. You must confirm that you or your daughter are at an age where she is capable of maintaining top-notch hygiene. 

This is not to scare you, but thongs are affiliated with recurrent infections, bacterial, and/or urinary tract infections. 

How is this even possible, Sharon? 

Because the thin strip that runs between your butt cheeks spans through your vagina and rectal opening, there could be a transmission of bacteria or infective organisms between those two. All thanks to the ever-rubbing thongs!

Much more than hiding the visible panty lines with the thongs or the comfort that comes with rocking them, you definitely want to ensure that you are as safe as possible. 

And you are keeping a healthy V-Jay also!

  • Understanding The Reasons Behind The Choice

Thongs or not, understanding our personal motives or taking certain decisions is very important in reflections and knowing what we stand for as individuals. 

Not anything close to motivation, but sometimes we make choices that are not very suitable for us all in the name of being trendy- we just follow the tides blindly most times.

As a parent who is particular about building a good relationship with their daughter, it is expedient that you know why your daughter is keen about adding thongs to her underwear closet. 

And as a teen, evaluating your reasons for some actions even helps you to understand yourself and what you stand for.

If her/ your reason is the liberty and comfort that accompanies wearing thongs, plus the fact that they are No-VPL gurus, then that would be a very valid point. 

Additionally, confidence is sexy; so if you want to boost your self-confidence using a dose of sexiness that comes with wearing a thong, then I think that is a reasonable point of view too.

But if the reason is solely peer pressure or the desire to impress, you might want to slow down a bit for a moment of reflection. 

Have a rethink to see if it is really worth the stress, especially if you’re unsure that it would make you comfortable before you start to “thong”. After all, no one is going to see it on you; well, except you show it to them. 


What Age To Wear A Thong?

How Old Should You Be To Wear A Thong?

While we choose to refer to thongs as geniuses in the no-visible panty lines business, we must not forget that they are also fantastic items of sexual appeal. 

As a point of fact, thongs are not super-ideal for girls below puberty. I would assume that a girl above the age of twelve has a level of sexual maturity, not necessarily to a large extent though, and is ripe enough to wear a thong. 

Moreso, she is expected to have mastered the arts of maintaining top-grade hygiene, on the barest minimum, if not entirely. 

If you are certain that the girl prioritizes her health over every other trivial issue like others’ perceptions of her; then baby girl, you are more than eligible to go “thong-ing”.

Even so, that would depend on her own choice, too. If your twelve-year-old daughter really wants to wear a thong but you know she’s not so efficient with the hygiene thing, that’s why she has you- you cn always help out. But do not in any way make her feel it is slutty.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Age To Wear A Thong

When should I wear a thong?

You are a thong-fan? No problem, but do not wear thongs when you are sick or you are on your period. 

Also, wear these undergarments when you wear outfits that require you to hide your panty lines as much as possible. 

For enhanced comfort, you can go up a size of your regular panties when choosing a thong.

Are thongs healthy?

This is not absolutely untrue. Research has shown that thongs are linked to an increased susceptibility to urinary tract infections, but not bacterial or yeast infections of the vagina. 

The reason for this is not far-fetched, as the thin string that goes behind spans through the vaginal and anal openings. 

As a result, the transmission of non-functional microorganisms becomes easier, especially as the thong rubs. 

Even so, this does not rule them out as being completely unhealthy, provided you can manage them well. Do not wear tight ones too, to prevent chafing and irritations. 

You can check how to put on a thong for more information.

Can thongs give me hemorrhoids?

No, they can not. You experience hemorrhoids when the pressure on the veins around your anus is extremely high. 

However, the tightest of all thongs is not capable of causing hemorrhoids. Although, a tight thong can only aggravate the condition if it already exists. 

So, remember to go up a size your regular panty size when picking up your thong. I mentioned it before, just for the sake of emphasis.

Wrapping It Up

Above all, a lady’s needs come first. If wearing a thong would save you from some fashion blunders, then why not?

However, do not be lured into keeping up with thongs if you do not find them very comfortable, because it takes some time to get used to them. I mean, they are not like the conventional panties we are used to. 

In essence, don’t pretend you are a fan of thongs when it is not convenient because of what others would say. 

Moreover, thongs are for geniuses in the hygiene game. Remember, it is your health before fashion and it is you, before others.

Conclusively, determining an answer to the question “how old should you be to wear a thong?” is quite relative and depends totally on you. 

But generally, I would say it is for girls in their puberty age (age twelve and above) who are confident in their own skin, sexually mature, high on hygiene, and have a potent reason for wanting to own and rock a thong.

Here is a toast to all favorite ‘thongers’!