How Should A Thong Fit?

If you have been looking for answers to “How should a thong fit?”, then you should know it is a beautiful idea and a good way to start in case you are just setting out on the thongs journey. 

You might be wondering why the effort is commendable. I did because looking out for how your panties should fit is the bedrock of getting the best out of them.

Moreover, it is very normal to ask as a first-timer, so you don’t need to be shy about it. Even if you have always worn it but followed the crowd, it is high time you knew how things work with thongs. 

Thus, the intent behind this post is to shed light on the fitting of a thong. All that is required of you is to stick to this post till the very end to understand how to make your thong sit pretty on you at all sides- front, sides, and the back.

Shall we begin?.

But just before that,

What Are The Best Fabrics For Thongs?

how should a thong fit

One of the things you want to look out for in the process of selecting underpants for yourself, particularly a thong, is the fabric. Certainly, you seek the best undies and environment for your pudenda. 

  1. Cotton

Cotton is an innocuous fabric that is perfect for everyone, even the ladies with high sensitivity because it is breathable and penetrable. 

It keeps you safe from yeast infections or other vaginal infections, thereby making them the best options for your vagina health. 

So, if you are thinking about health, comfort, and breathability, think cotton!

  1. Nylon

Another good option other than cotton is nylon. This fabric is lightweight, and nylon underpants lay smooth on the body, making them perfect fits for tight-fitting clothes. 

They give you a sleek and naked feel on the body, and their superpower is the ability to dry fast. You can also consider them for your underwear, surely you won’t regret it.

You must be expecting the main game now. Sorry to disappoint you a bit, but trust me; it is all for you. Let us get something clear.

It Is Different Strokes For Different Folks

You still don’t get it? This implies that only you can define what comfortable is for you, which in lay terms means individuals perceive comfort differently. It could also mean that different styles of thongs fit differently.

So, the style of the thong you pick will determine how it fits. However, the general perception of “comfortable” is anything but strangling underpants or stiff undies. And tight underpants can limit your circulation and enhance the growth of bacteria, according to Health Line.

Specifically for thongs, a raging pain between the bum where the rear strap lies could be another sign of discomfort.

And this brings us to, 

Styles Of Thongs

  • High cut thongs

This style of thongs is very similar to the high rise style of thongs. Their waistbands rise above the waistline of the body and are usually thinner than those found in the high rise style of thongs. Do I need to add that they are sexy bits, too?

  • High rise thongs

As the name implies, these thongs rise high above the waist level and have high cuts in the leg region.

  • Low rise thongs

These styles of thongs sit as low as just on the hips, and you can wear them with virtually any outfit. They are also called hip-huggers, and you can subscribe to them if you desire more coverage.

  • Mid rise thongs

Mid-rise thongs are the real fellas. Their waistbands sit where they are supposed to – perfectly at the waist level. 

These are just some of the diverse styles of thongs.

How Should A Thong Fit In The Front?

As much as you are concerned about the butt, you should equally be concerned about the front. Moreso, I guess the ‘cheekiness’ you want to feel is about the rear, not the front. 

Thus, it only makes sense that you pick a thong with a front that is wide enough to cover all your pubis and/or lips fully. 

When the front is too small for your pubic area, you can experience spillage where a bit of the surrounding flesh of your pudenda shows at the sides and your pubic hair plays outside the panties.   

When it is too big for you, your vulva can eat up the extra fabric. But you do not like wedgies, right?

It is highly advised that you get a thong fit similar to that of regular panties at the front, for maximum coverage.

How A Thong Should Fit At The Sides

Whether you are a first-timer or a guru in the games of thongs, a thong with a balanced waistband is essential for A1 comfort. You certainly do not want your waistband rolling or curling on your body.

Asides from getting snug to your skin (and probably digging into your skin, which could cause irritation to the skin around your waist), a curling band leaves an outline on your dress, especially if it’s tight, or made of polyester/nylon. 

Therefore, Unewear suggests that you choose thongs that have wide waistbands for a beautiful fit and top-grade comfort.

How Should A Thong Fit At The Back?

Depending on the style of a thong, its strap should fit in between the butt cheeks. Even so, you do not need to fear if the rear strap sits well in your bum and still appears on the outside; some thongs are styled like that. 

However, you can change the style of your thong if you are not comfortable with the rear strap sitting outside. 

Also, you have to ensure the thong is your right size because oversizing makes the strap at the back appear outside, rather than the style.  

Frequently Asked Questions On How A Thong Should Fit

Should a thong be tight?

Generally, your underpants should fit and be snug to your skin, but not to the extent of digging into your skin or leaving marks on your skin.

Should I size up or down for thongs

Sizing down too much for your thongs can cause the rear strap to dig into your skin, thereby making you very uncomfortable and could also put pressure on the veins around your anus.

Sizing up too much for thongs can cause unwanted nasty movements of the rear strap, leading to a transfer of bacteria from the anal opening to the vagina and ultimately making you susceptible to vagina and/or urinary tract infections. 

However, going up an inch of your regular panty size won’t be a bad idea. 

Wrapping It Up

In essence, how a thong should fit depends on the style and fabric a thong comes in. When you choose a stretchy material for your thongs, it can regulate the tightness of the thong. 

Also, a thong should cover you fully at the front, leaving out no skin or pubic hairs whatsoever, as that might compromise the purpose of wearing underpants in the first place. Choose thongs with wide waistbands for comfort and to limit the tendency of it curling up, but how wide they ‘should’ be will be according to your preference.

Above all, you would realize that how a thong should fit is a summation of the choices you make and is relative to your preferences.