How To Get Perky Breast Without Exercise; The Easy Guide.

No doubt:

Mostly, we all want to be firm and perky. 

But what do you do when your girls are naturally saggy?


How do you overcome the factors that cause perky breasts to sag, factors like pregnancy fat, and aging?

In this article, I will show you:

  • What Causes Your Breasts To Sag.
  • Ways To Firm Up Your Boobs.
  • Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Perkier Breasts.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do to firm up your breasts right now;

  • Avoid Gaining Excess Weight.
  • Choose The Perfect Bra For You.
  • Watch Your Posture.
  • Massage Your Breasts.
  • Use Quality Moisturizers And Sunscreen.
  • Take Supplements.
  • Use Makeup.


What Causes Saggy Breasts?

Here we go:


  • Aging


Breasts vary greatly from person to person; in size, color, and shape. It is, however, undeniable that the passage of time acts on all equally and as you age, your breasts will no longer look as perky as they once were.


  • Pregnancy


Pregnancy affects your hormones and causes bodily changes that affect your breasts, especially after multiple pregnancies. This is, in part, why a lot of celebrities are unwilling to have children.


  • Weight Issues


Growing Overweight can cause your breast tissues and the surrounding skin to stretch and subsequently droop.


Breasts that are larger and heavier are more likely to sag over time from repetitive activities, such as jogging.


Extreme, uneven weight loss can change the shape of your breasts and alter your breasts’ appearance.

Other factors that affect your breast’s firmness include:


  • Menopause.
  • High-Intensity Exercises.
  • Illnesses such as breast cancer.
  • Repeated exposure to UV Rays.



With that out of the way, how do you get perkier breasts without exercising?

  1. Avoid Gaining Weight

Excessive fat is perhaps the greatest reason for sagging breasts. As you gain weight, the skin of your boobs starts to stretch out, thus losing its original elasticity. The greater the ratio of fat in your boobs, the higher the chances of them sagging are.

For this reason:

Start off with taking less junk food and a diet rich in nutrients such as

  • Nuts And Fish for their Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Avocado and Eggs promote the growth of breast tissue.
  • Cabbage and Whole Grains keep breast tissues healthy with their antioxidant properties.
  • Fruits and vegetables.


The key is to eat healthily and maintain your weight such that you are able to regain that firmness in your breasts.

  1. Choose The Perfect Bra For You

Sometimes, when dealing with the appearance of your boobs, what you need isn’t some drastic lifestyle adjustment but a quick hack.

Wearing a bra that is perfect for you is just that.


It is important for you to know the exact size of your breasts to look perkier. You should visit a professional for a chest measurement before you start your shopping spree.


If you are exercising, it is important that you get a sports bra that will help reduce the strain on your breast tissue from daily activities that cause it to rise and fall in repeated motions that end up affecting its elasticity.


You should always change the bra you use once the supportive bra bands are no longer tight.

At the same time, you should endeavor to clasp your bra with the innermost clasp for a tighter fit that holds your breasts together more nicely.

Maintaining the bra is best done by hand washing it.

  1. Watch Your Posture

It will amaze you just how many people maintain the wrong posture, either when walking, standing, or sitting.

More likely even:

You maintain the wrong posture yourself, but the importance of good posture in women can’t be overemphasized.

A good posture helps give the illusion of a lift to your boobs and keeps your body in alignment. Want to know how to go about it?


When Standing:

  • Keep Your Back Straight.
  • Hold Your Shoulders Back.
  • Let Your Knees Be Bent Slightly.


When sitting:

  • Keep Your Feet Firmly On The Floor.
  • Do Not Remain In The Same Position For Too Long.


While this won’t cure sagging breasts, it will help with appearance and prevent gravity from acting on your boobs.

  1. Massage Your Breasts

Just so you know:

Massaging your breasts can help to increase the blood flow and the production of collagen which tightens muscles and promote the growth of breast tissue.


This helps give you a certain lift. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Start With Cupping The Top Of Your Breasts.
  • Massage The Area Rhythmically.
  • Work Your Hands Around Your Breasts.


  1. Use Quality Moisturizers And Sunscreen

Moisturizers are helpful in moisturizing the skin and stimulating the tissues of your breasts.

It helps to smoothen out wrinkles and give the appearance of a lift, though it cannot actually physically lift your boobs.

In contrast:

A good sunscreen will help prevent harmful UV rays of the sun from breaking down the elasticity of your boobs.

  1. Take Supplements

Supplements are able to stimulate the growth of tissues or the burning of fat in your body to help you maintain perkier breasts.

Fenugreek, for instance, helps increase the hormones in your body responsible for breast growth.

Water is also very great at helping your skin stay hydrated to prevent sagging breasts.

  1. Use Makeup

Using highlighters that are either dark or lighter in shade can create contrasts with your skin tone that can give your boobs the appearance of a lift.

This is especially true when combined with plunging neckline dresses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Perky Breasts

  • Do Breast Enhancement Creams Work?

Absolutely not.

While you’ll find no lack of supposed testimonies regarding miracle creams, know that sagging breasts means the ligaments and tissues of your boobs have lost their elasticity and that no enhancement product can restore it.

  • Should I Have Surgery For Breast Enhancement?

That depends solely on you.

Breast augmentation surgery is highly effective, but it involves the insertion of breast implants or fat transfer to help increase your boob size, something that not everyone is comfortable with.


Cosmetic surgery has its risks and is often disastrous whenever it does go wrong. This is in addition to a somewhat prohibitive cost.

  • What Nutrients Can I Take To Firm Up My Breasts?

Whatever food you choose to take, make sure it contains these nutrients:

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Proteins
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals.
  • Can Wearing My Bras To Sleep Harm My Breasts?

Absolutely yes.

Wearing bras to sleep can help you achieve perkier breasts in the morning, but it ultimately decreases the ability of your breast to lift itself.

Also, certain types of bras cut off blood flow to your breasts, ultimately doing more harm than good.

In Conclusion

No matter what choice you make, you will find that you are on a road to achieving perkier breasts that will WOW even you.

It might require patience since these methods take time to show their effect, but it’ll be worth the promise.


If you continue to have problems with lifting your breasts, then pay a visit to your dermatologist for medical advice.

Till next time.