How to Get Rid of Postpartum Belly

After having your stomach inflated to the size of a large balloon for nine months, you are worried about your current miserable form you are in, particularly, the deflated tummy. So you are anxious about getting quick effective solutions that will return you to the shape you were prior to pregnancy. Yet, there is actually no need for panic because it makes perfect sense that the process of attaining your former shape is a gradual one and it takes weeks or even months to return to your shape. You need to understand that after pregnancy, the swollen cells in your body will start to release their extra fluids through your body waste, and all the fat you developed to sustain your little baby will start to burn off gradually. However, this process is much faster when you are breastfeeding, observing your fitness routine, and eating healthy foods.

This process is also accelerated by other factors such as:

The amount of fat you have gained during the pregnancy

Your actual size before pregnancy

If you are just having your first baby.

Your genes are also a significant determinant of how fast you lose your postpartum belly.

In essence, if your body did not accumulate much fat and you did not gain much weight then the process will be faster than you anticipate. If you were a bit obese before pregnancy, you definitely should not be expecting any magic to happen to get a slimmer weight than your former form. And If you are having your first baby, it is much easier to get back to your actual size than when you have had two or more. So you need to exercise some patience here. And somehow, some women naturally tend to recover their former form in a few weeks. Especially, when they do not carry much fat. This is not the same for most women. They have to follow a healthy diet and a consistent fitness routine to recover themselves back.

6 Tips To Getting Rid of Postpartum Belly

So the big question …, how can you get rid of your postpartum belly? 

Let your baby suckle them…. 

More than your baby needs natural milk, you also need to give them out if you don’t want to remain in that heavy form forever. Ok no kidding, but breastfeeding actually helps in burning a lot of calories. In fact, studies show that breastfeeding your baby well can make you lose as much as 500 calories daily when you are in your early months of pregnancy. So as a nursing mother, you definitely stand a chance of returning to your shape than women who are not nursing mothers. So don’t deprive your little baby of those milk next time they cry for more!

Healthy Diet 

Cultivating healthy eating habits and being consistent with them is also key to recovering yourself back. You definitely need a lot of fibers, vitamins, and minerals but, more importantly, you need to avoid excessive sugar intake and any alcoholic consumption you might be used to. Even as much as you enjoy those wine, there are some unhealthy consequences you might face when you take them in your postpartum period. First, many alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sweeteners that can affect your hormonal levels making your body prioritize gaining weight and amassing more body fat over important functions. And, as you know well, alcohol often takes over your self-consciousness making you prefer sugary junks than other healthy diets.

Also, beware of quick fixes, going for crash dieting might help you but are not good for you in the long run. Going on a fasting campaign might also prove effective but it is not advisable in the long term. What you need to understand is that as much as effective these quick fixes are, they are not long palatable for your postpartum because you tend to lose appetite and show mood swings from time to time.

So what you need is a low-calorie diet that will nourish your baby and give you the slimmer form you want. In this regard, you need to consume:

  • As many fruits as possible every day and vegetables too.
  • A lot of foods rich in fiber like wheat, beans, and other similar grains.
  • Whole grains and starchy foods such as rice and maize which should remain a vital part of your meal.

And if possible eliminate high-fat foods and other junk foods from your diet. And as mentioned, avoid taking alcohol during the time you are trying to regain your form.

Adopting a Consistent Fitness Routine. 

If you are serious about getting your form back, you should also adopt 30-minute cardio at least 3 times a week. But you can take it gently if you are still healing. Try not to strain your body if you are still healing, and you can gradually increase the intensity as time goes. You can go for simple exercises like pelvic tilts to prepare for other deeper abdominal exercises.

Going for a walk is also a simple way to help build your core however, some precise exercises will grant your wish faster. Wear a soft cotton bra that can prevent any breast irritation and pad the bras to absorb milk leakage if you are engaged in the exercise. The primary aim here is trying to strengthen and shrinking your abdominal muscles, you can adopt other tummy tightening exercises such as the pelvic bridge, towel pulse, reverse crunch, and scissors kicks.

The benefits of being consistent in your fitness routine are immense as you will be able to;

  • Strengthen and shrink your abdomen back to normal
  • Burn the excess fat in the different parts of your body
  • Achieve the perfect tone you want for your body.

Use Corsets or Belly Binders

Even as much as belly binders are common among the C-section mothers, you can also gain a lot from them if you had a viginal delivery. They help to improve blood flow, especially around your abdomen. They reduce the swelling around through compression which is very good for those who have diastasis recti DR, a condition that involves the separation of the muscles in the abdominal wall. They support your abdomen and hold your stomach more tightly, gradually shrinking its former shape.

This perhaps seems easy and more tempting than being consistent with keeping fit, however, you need the other methods to make the belly binders work effectively and get that flatter stomach you wish.

Remain Hydrated

Staying constantly hydrated is another very effective method to get your belly shape back. It will help you flush out the unnecessary liquids from your body. You might have experienced at least once in your life that when you are dehydrated you are sluggish and tend to lose concentration which makes your tasks more difficult than usual. This is the opposite of when you are hydrated as you are more self-conscious and with more vitality.  You can also substitute the water with the naturally sweet juice from your fruits to make it as refreshing as ever.

Achieving a Mental Balance

The healing and recovering after postpartum can take long so it is a gradual process, however, trying to maintain a mental balance is very vital to realizing yourself back. A bit of self-love is good for you because you need to accept and accommodate the new you trying to reconcile it with your past self. And you should understand that the process is a gradual one. In fact, in some cases, it might not be possible anymore especially when it is not your first baby. So you don’t need to get angry with yourself if you find the healing a difficult one. What you need is focus on the goal of getting yourself back while taking things gently and gradually. And if you feel you need one, you might just go meet a therapist who can help you discover a more positive light.

Finally, you need to hold strongly to the belief that this transitioning requires some time and you might not be able to get what you want until after six months or even more. However, if it seems you have been consistently following your fitness routine and everything but they just seem to be working against you then you might just need to cool off. And take the pleasure in accepting your new body because as much as effective these things are the elasticity in your body may no longer be powerful enough to take you back in time especially when you have aged considerably or gotten a number of babies.

Try to understand your new self and take some joy in discovering and accommodating your new body. And don’t ever compare yourself with others. It only brings bitterness and depression. Try to avoid comparing yourself with other nursing mothers. Everyone is able to regain themselves and handle their postpartum healing in different ways. For some, the process is a gradual one and it might be quick in some others. It might even be quicker for some and impossible for others.

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