How to Keep Bra Straps From Loosening

Don’t you just hate it when you’re somewhere out in public, and you feel the bra straps slip off your shoulders under your shirt? Then follows the awkward jiggle and tugging to subtly put the straps back in place with no one noticing.

Even if you have got the best bras for wide-set breasts, the truth is falling bra straps can be a little embarrassing and the thought of having to think constantly of whether it’s going to fall off again at any moment makes one uncomfortable. And then you have to figure out a way to fix it repeatedly.

Well, there are a few factors that are responsible for this and you could avoid them. I think it is high time you put an end to falling bras. So how about you read on to discover the secrets to prevent your bras from slipping off your shoulders.

Let’s talk about the importance of getting the right bra size for you.

This is obviously the most common reason out there for slipping bras but the truth is a lot of women, although quite surprising, keep choosing the wrong size of bras and this not just makes you uncomfortable but it’s also terrible for your health.

In choosing your bra size, you have to be sure you’re getting most of your support from the band. Also, make sure the cup is laying flat against your sternum and if the underwire fits wrong, you have most likely got the wrong size or style for yourself. Besides all these, be sure you are getting a quality bra and considering your breast size and burst in choosing your next bra to avoid bra straps from falling off.

However, even after getting your bra size right, it really doesn’t totally prevent the occurrence of bra straps falling off your shoulders. So you should really get your bra style sorted as well, as this is what really works with your shoulder width, breast firmness, and fullness.

As a woman with a petite size, you should go for a balconette while if you’re quite curvier, then you definitely need more support and you should go for bras with full coverage cups. To be honest, get your bra style right, and be rest assured your straps are going to stay in place.

Another important thing is – Learn to adjust your bra straps!!!

We ladies have to wash our bras, don’t we? Well, now you have to know that regular washing and wearing of your bras will eventually influence their strap balance.

Although it’s the bra back band that mostly handles the weight of your burst however you would have to adjust the straps once in a while because it could occur that after washing, the strap sliders moves a bit which would affect the fitness of your bra the next time you’re putting it on.

However, I would advise you not to tighten the loosened straps too much. It’s really not right having your bra straps cut deep into your shoulders.

Just adjust the band to sit below your shoulder blades while tightening the straps and making sure your breast is sitting comfortably on the cup. You can achieve this by bending a little when you’re about to tighten up.


Yes, you heard that right! If you have been doing this before, I think it’s high time you stopped or you would keep having to deal with your bra straps falling off. Every time you use bra extenders, you’re more or less adding to the length of the bank band of your bra and this really doesn’t do you any favors.

It only makes the straps move further apart, thereby increasing the chances of your bra straps slipping anytime. However, if you must use bra extenders, be sure to see if you would need a bigger back band.

Use of Racerback Bras

Another solution to avoiding the falling of your bra straps might be to opt for racerback straps. And it’s not just about its ability to provide support, but it also suits a lot of varieties of outfits and women of all sizes. This is because the straps are designed to meet and cross in the middle of your back, thereby adding extra angle to lift your bra. When combined with a suitable bra size, you would not have to worry about your bra strap falling off anymore.

As a matter of fact, it actually helps hide your bra straps totally. I mean, it is almost impossible for racerback straps to fall off your shoulders. Racerback is actually a very suitable solution to bra straps falling off and you can opt for it if you’re absolutely comfortable in it.

There are various types of racerback bras. For example, there is the general pull over, also known as front-closure bras, and we also have the leading lady. I believe you should be able to get that which suits and supports you best.

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Bra Clips and Strap Tamers

Sometimes, all you need to really do is get some magic clips instead of having to always buy strapless bras to fit every cloth that you have. Magic clips really come in handy in turning your bra into a racerback-shaped bra and you wouldn’t have to worry about your bra peeping out anymore.

But besides bra clips, there is a king in keeping your bra straps hidden with 100% assurance. This is more or less the perfect solution if you are opting for clips. It’s the common strap tamers and you should really opt for that if it’s something you’re comfortable with. No matter what type of fabric you are wearing, this solves the problem of your bra straps loosening. The strap tamers keep your bra attached to the dress with the combination of a pin and a clip. And to your advantage, if you ever find yourself in a delicate situation with your bra or clothes, the pins can really come in handy.

Know your shoulders

As ladies, when choosing our bras, we need to know we have different shoulder structures, and knowing your shoulder style is crucial in choosing your bra .

If the height that exists between your shoulders and your breast is small, and you realize your bra straps seem too long for you, then you would have to adjust those straps. However, you can not adjust all bras to the full-length of the straps. These types of bras are more suited to you if you have a larger space between your breasts and your shoulders. While those that can be adjusted to full length would fit those with short shoulders better, that is if you have a short distance between your shoulders and your breasts.

To be honest, if you have narrow shoulders, it may really be a challenge to find the right bras for yourself and avoiding bra strap from loosening. As it could be difficult finding a bra with wires that are wide and straps that are narrow enough to stay put in place. The best solution to this would be to either use a J-clip on the bra straps or you choose a multi-way bra so that you can tighten the bra straps in various ways possible.


Basically, it’s really not so difficult to avoid putting yourself in an unwanted position by having your bra strap loosening or falling off your shoulders at any point in time.

I have been able to put you through a few tricks and tips that should really be of help. However, it is your duty to discover where the problem of your bra straps falling off might stem from and then, from the solutions mentioned above, you can choose what fits you best while being comfortable.

Let’s put an end to our bra straps falling!

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