How To Make A Big Bra Cup Smaller To Fit; In Simple Steps

Almost every lady has that one or two bras that make you feel your boobs dancing inside.

And what are the words?


And annoyance… 

And, yes! 

The inability to move freely afraid your breasts might slide out without notice.


This is especially the nightmare of we work-out nerds. A perfectly fitting bra always becomes otherwise after every weight loss stage.

However, reducing the overall size of the cups of an oversized bra can add comfort, confidence, and free movement to your day.

So now, the big question is: How to make a bra cup smaller without ruining your luxury.

But not to worry:

I have created this simple A-Z guide to take you from oversized cups to cups that fit with 100% perfection.

Sounds great?

Even better:

Instead of a generic solution, this page offers multiple guides for reducing bra cups depending on your bra design.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to reduce vertical-seamed, part-seamed, and 3-part cups by sewing
  • How to downsize triangle-cupped bralette, bandeau, and quarter cups by sewing
  • 4 ways to fill oversized padded/molded cups and bullet cups without sewing
  • Ways to downsize padded/molded cups by sewing
  • 2 general hacks to downsize all types of cup designs
  • How to make a bra band smaller
  • And more.

Just what you’re looking for? Yeah? Great.

Let’s get started with…

How To Downsize Your Bra Cups By Sewing

For all the DIYer babes:

If you’re not afraid of pulling things apart to make perfect repair/remodeling to your stuff, stay with me here.

Now, here are all the tools you need:

  • 2× of needles
  • 1× rim of thread (preferably the color of the cups)
  • 10× of safety pins
  • 1× tailor chalk or fabric pen
  • 1× blade and scissors

Have them now? Great.

So, let’s begin with your vertical-seamed/part-seamed/3-parts cups first:

Shall we?

How To Reduce Vertical-seamed, Part-seamed, and 3-parts Cups By Sewing To Your Size

Just so you know you’re using the right guide:

Part-seamed cups are tailored with one piece of fabric. Their seams run from just above the underwire of each cup, stopping halfway or even further from the neckline.

In the same light:

Vertically seamed cups are designed from 2 or more pieces of fabric. And the seam of each cup runs all the way up to the neckline from the underwire top.

On the other hand:

3-parts seamed cups are made from 3 pieces of fabrics divided (supported is the right word) by two seams. One vertical seam running all the way up and a horizontal seam crossing its way.

Follow the 10-steps instructions below for these 3 types of cups:

  • Step 1; try the bra on first
  • Step 2; confirm it’s the cup that needs resizing and not the band or the underwire
  • Step 3; with the bra on, lean forward
  • Step 4; scoop your boobs in position with your nipples on the seams
  • Step 5; if you notice an excess underneath, fold it outward to the underwire and pin it there
  • Step 6; for the excess around the neckline, just fold to the size you want and pin to hold
  • Step 7; remove the bra carefully enough to not get the pins out of position
  • Step 8; remove the pin one after the other to fold the excess inward and repin to the inside
  • Step 9; sew 4-5 darts on each folded excess (at the bottom and top) to secure permanently and remove the pins as you go
  • Step 10; flatten and smoothen the sewn darts with an iron


Note; make sure the darts are sewn proportionally to align with the shape of the bra. Also, this process is best done with a sewing machine.

Another thing:

Make sure you treat the cups separately especially for asymmetrical breasts or breasts of unequal sizes.

Moving on to…

How To Downsize Triangle-cupped Bralette, Bandeau, And Quarter Cups By Sewing

Before we start, here’s what these cups look like:

Triangle-cupped bralettes are basically part-seamed cups without underwires. But they mostly have wider bands to support your girls.


Bandeaus are cupless bras (though some come with pads) to give your breasts a flatter shape. And, an all-over compression. They also come with supportive bands. Think of a singlet that covers only your breasts.


Quarter cups are also known as half-cup bras. They don’t offer full coverage. Instead, the fabric stops just above or below your nipples for a projected shape. These cups are usually unpadded.

To make them smaller, follow the easy 10 steps below:


  • Step 1; using either your fabric pen or tailor’s chalk, draw a vertical line on each cup
  • Step 2; these lines should run from just above each underwire to the necklines
  • Step 3; if the cup is bigger on the sides too, draw a horizontal line each from side to side
  • Step 4; make sure these lines are straight and sitting at right angles
  • Step 5; with either a blade or scissors, whichever is convenient, cut along the lines
  • Step 6; try the bra on and fold the two parts of each cut line together to fit
  • Step 7; once it fits, pin the parts together with your safety pins
  • Step 8; now, sew stitches along the folds and remove the pins as you go
  • Step 9; repeat this for the second cup
  • Step 10; iron to flatten and smoothen


And that’s all:

Now, for your padded or molded bras.

Try these…


4 Hacks To Fill Oversized Padded/Molded & Bullet Cups Without Sewing

Now, listen:

I don’t usually recommend surgery on padded or bullet cups. Except you’re an expert to do it correctly. And in that case, you can skip these 4 hacks and go for the next solution.


These 4 simple hacks should make your oversized padded or bullet cups fit perfectly without bra surgery.

Let’s get this on the road:

Hack 1; Stuff With Socks


This is more like a quick fix. It’s the best solution for when you need to go out in the perfect bras without sewing. All you need for this are 2 or more pairs of soft socks that won’t cause chafing.

So, start with this:


  • Step 1; put on your bra
  • Step 2; push your cleavages up toward the center with your hands
  • Step 3; you should see how many spaces need to be filled
  • Step 4; fold your soft socks neatly to get the right thickness that will fill the space
  • Step 5; insert the folded socks to fill up space
  • Step 6; fold more socks and fill whatever space is left until the cup stays fitted
  • Step 7; repeat this for the second cup


Hack 2; Double Your Bra

Listen up:

This hack will add extra size to your chest, making you look bigger. Also, if you’ve sensitive skin, this may not be the right solution for you. Likewise, it may be the wrong solution on a hot summer afternoon.

Still good to go? Yeah? Good.

Now, what you need are old padded bras that fit to support the oversized one. And, yes, scissors.

Let’s do it:


  • Step 1; put your bra on
  • Step 2; lean forward
  • Step 3; the excess space is revealed clearly
  • Step 4; cut off the straps and the wings of the old bras
  • Step 5; now you have it as two bridged cups, right?
  • Step 6; insert it to fill the excess space of the oversized bra cups you’re wearing
  • Step 7; adjust until it fits comfortably
  • Step 8; adjust the hooks and the straps of the oversized bra if it feels too tight


You’re fixed.

Here’s another option:

Hack 3; Use Bra Enhancement Pads

Heads up:

Enhancement pads are not only for making your breasts look bigger. They can fill those extra spaces and smarten up oversized padded/bullet cups.

This is how to go about it:

  • Step 1; get your enhancement pads ready
  • Step 2; put on your bra
  • Step 3; lean forward to reveal the excess space
  • Step 4; undress your bra
  • Step 5; place your enhancement pads where you saw the excess space to fill
  • Step 6; now, put on your bra and adjust it to fit


See? Fixed.

One last solution:

Hack 4; Use Soft Foam Instead Of Tissues


If you have unused but clean pieces of foams in the house, this is the opportunity to put those to use. For this, you need;

  • Pieces of clean foams
  • Sharp scissors
  • 1× fabric pen


Follow me now:

  • Step 1; put on your bra
  • Step 2; scoop your boobs to be proportionally positioned in the cups
  • Step 3; measure the distance between your chest and the cup
  • Step 4; draw that measurement and cut your foam into that thickness
  • Step 5; measure the excess length that runs on both sides
  • Step 6; draw that measurement and cut your foam to that length
  • Step 7; fill those sized foams in position
  • Step 8; adjust where needed


You’re good.

Now, you may also want to try…

How To Downsize Padded/Molded Cups By Sewing

This demands patience, attention, and experience:

But you can still use my sewing technique to make your padded bra cup smaller even if you’re inexperienced. Just follow me carefully and pay attention. Otherwise, don’t do it.

Will you? Yes? Good.

These are the tools you need:

  • 1× duct tape
  • 1× old white t-shirt
  • 1× fabric pen
  • 12× safety pins
  • Scissors and blades
  • The bra that supports and lifts the way you want
  • And your oversized bra

First thing:

You need to make costume bra cups from scratch…using duct tapes.

Here’s how:

  • Step 1; put on the bra that supports and lifts the way you want
  • Step 2; wear your old white t-shirt on top of that
  • Step 3; pin your shirt to the bra underneath at the center and on all four sides
  • Step 4; the cup region should become clearer now
  • Step 5; cover that region with stripes of duct tapes to mimic the cup in shape and size
  • Step 6; press the duct tapes carefully against the cup for easy removal
  • Step 7; carefully removed the costume cup formed


Now, to the next stage:

  • Step 1; place the costume cup on the oversized bra cup
  • Step 2; press gently and firmly so it sticks but not permanently for easy removal
  • Step 3; with your fabric pen, draw the outline of the costume cup edges on the oversized cup bra
  • Step 4; remove the costume cup
  • Step 5; cut along the line you drew using scissors
  • Step 6; smoothen with blades
  • Step 7; sew the edges of the cuts back to close up the opening



Now get these…

General Hacks To Downsize All Types Of Cups


At times you don’t have to go all the way to resize those cups. For example, closing your bras’ bridge will do the trick.

Here’s how to do it:

To Take Down The Bridge; Hack 1

Do this:

  • Step 1; spread the bra on a table
  • Step 2; locate the bridge between the two cups
  • Step 3; hold the wire at both edges of the cups together to close the bridge
  • Step 4; stitch these edges together using thread and needle or a sewing machine
  • Step 5; iron to smoothen out
  • Step 6; try the bra on


If it fits, then you’re good.

Otherwise, you might want to try…

Taking In The Band; Hack 2

Follow my lead:

  • Step 1; remove the hook-and-eye closure by unstitching with scissors or any other method
  • Step 2; line up the band of the bra that already sizes you against the oversized one in step 1
  • Step 3; mark where the needed actual length ends
  • Step 4; cut off the excess
  • Step 5; sew back the hook and eye closure



Rounding this up:


And that’s just about it:

Which of these hacks helped you to get those oversized pads to the right fit? Do you have any other questions I haven’t answered? Did I miss anything or you have anything to share? 

Use the comment box below to discuss anything and everything with me. cheers.

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