How to Make Nipple Pasties

How to Make Nipple Pasties
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How to Make Nipple Pasties

Nipple pasties are small patches used to cover the nipples and areola, though they might not be able to conceal hard nipples well under a very tight top, they are worn as an undergarment, beach wears and they are also worn for some certain events like protests for women right, erotic entertainments, burlesque shows, etc. they are known to first originate from the costumes of women performing burlesque.

Nipple pasties are easy and affordable to get at the market and you can decide to make them yourself. Most women wear pasties so their nipples won’t be visible through clothes, they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and some can only be used once while some can be washed and re-used. Since some people are allergic to adhesives most pasties are made with hypoallergenic silicone that makes it safe for the skin.

Nipple pasties are the best options on days you don’t feel like wearing a bra or when wearing a strapless or backless top, you just stick them on to cover your nipples from showing through your clothes, some women also wear it to avoid irritation of the nipples when it rubs against the fabric of the undergarment, in this case, the nipple pasties are often referred to as nipple covers or breast petals. however, some might keep falling off when worn if they don’t stick properly. A lot could go wrong even if you have an idea of making nipple pasties, so you have to be careful when making it and know the materials and tools to use for it.

A DIY tutorial on how to make Nipple Pastries

Nipple pasties are usually applied with a special glue fixative when you stick them on the nipples you have to hold on for a few seconds to make sure the adhesive stays. You can easily make your own pasties in any shape that you want it to be like heart shape, circle, star, teardrop, etc. you can make them yourself at home, it is quite easy, simple and fun to make, you can be as creative as you want when making it.

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Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make beautiful nipples pasties

Things you need to make Nipple Pasties


  • Foam paper, cardboard or a buckram
  • Any fabric of your choice for design (preferably materials that can withstand iron heat)
  • Heat “n” bond
  • Decorative fabrics like glitters, sequins, rhinestones, tassels and any other beautiful accessory you can imagine


  • A hot glue stick gun & glue sticks
  • An iron and ironing board
  • A pencil or marker to help make accurate measurements
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stencil and stencil cutter or a guide


  • Gather your supplies– after deciding the design you want to make, gather all the supplies you need for it like your sequins, fabrics, bedazzlements, etc. then carve out the exact design of the shape you want to make be it star, circle, teardrop, square or diamond pasties depends on your choice. 
  • Cut out the stencil– after picking the shape you want, cut it out from your fabric and the stencil followed by the buckram or cardboard. The circle shape is always the easiest to make, you can simply use a cup or a jar lid to cut it out. To avoid making mistakes of making the shapes of the pasties bigger than each other it is better and faster to always cut out the stencil of the right shape first then use it to cut out the fabric and the buckram or cardboard. 
  • Heat it up!– heat up your iron to medium-high heat, cut out a piece of fabric that is smaller at least the same size of two of your stencil, the cut out the buckram or cardboard in about the same size and also cut a patch of heat and bond that is smaller than the fabric and the buckram or closer to their size after that iron the heat “n” bond on a medium heat to the fabric till it cools down, then you remove the wax paper, then stick the newly exposed gluey side to the buckram or cardboard and iron them together. After doing that you can use a pencil or marker to trace out the final piece of fabric around the buckram to cut it out with your scissors. Whatever you use always remember to use your adhesive carefully and use it only around the edges of your desired cover.
  • The slice- This is a very major step before you get to decorate the nipple pasties. Cut out a small pie size from each circle and remember the bigger the more conical your pasties would be. since it is your first-time start small and make sure you cut it on from the center.
  • Fix the tip- it is important to adjust the tips, if you make any mistake it won’t stick  If you want to add tassels now is the time to tuck the tip of your tassel loop into the center of your circle this should pack the small conical hole in the middle. You can use hot glue to close up the circle into a cone, you can use a cone with the loop to glue it. Dab extra hot glue to the tip to hold the tassel in place.
  • Add creativity– here is the step you’ve been waiting for, if you want to add creativity here is your time to shine. You can add sequins, rhinestones glitter, gems whatever you want using hot glue.

On wearing your nipple pasties it is sometimes recommended you affix it using toupee tape for a firm hold and painless removal. Your dress should also help you make the choice of the type of nipple pasties to should make sure your nipples are comfortably hidden from view when making it, so you have to decide the size and design to make that would give you comfort and confidence.

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Dos and Dont’s of making nipple pasties

As easy as making nipple pasties are, there are some tools to use and some avoid using.

  1. Avoid using a moisturizer- when making nipple pasties, don’t use a moisturizer on it or on your nipples and anywhere around your areola, it will make the pasties slide off no matter the fabric you used and when the adhesive used comes in contact with any type of cream or lotion it can irritate the skin.
  2. Go for silicone or fabric pasties- silicone pasties are easy to customize and also reusable. You can decide to get a silicone pasty and customize it by designing it with sequins, rhinestone glitter, etc. fabric pasties can also be customized though they are not as sticky as silicone pasties and they are easier to customize.
  3. Wash off adhesive- always make sure to properly wash off adhesive with soap and water after taking your pasties off to keep your skin healthy and avoid any skin irritation.
  4. Keep the pasties light-  if you make them heavy no amount of adhesive will make them stick, also using lots of adhesives can make them heavy, so itis advisable to use them in small proportions when gluing. However, pasties for burlesque shows are supposed to be a bit heavier.

Steps in wearing a nipple pasties

  • Make sure your breast and your nipple and areola area are dry and free of any liquid substance including water, lotions or any type of moisturizer either you are wearing a stick-on pasty or you have to apply an adhesive to it first. 
  • It is advisable to put some amount of adhesive first on your wrist and let it stay for a few hours before applying it to your nipple pasties, this way you would find out if it irritates your skin. When applying the adhesive make sure you apply it only on the outer edges and not the center, this would make it easier to remove and prevent it from sticking to your nipples.
  • Paste the pasties on your areola area and hold them on tightly for few seconds to make sure they stick. 

For non-adhesive pasties just place it on you areola they instantly very stick. And there you have it! it perfectly stays put.


These easy steps in making Nipple pasties are quite fun and explanatory if you follow it closely. Though nipple pasties are mostly known to be worn by women that perform in burlesque shows and erotic entertainment, most women now wear it for fashion and as an undergarment used to cover their nipples in see-through clothes or in bras that don’t have full coverage. Pasties can be reusable several times. Just like bras, you can also wear them for as long as 8 hours. The best way to remove them is to peel them off gently and slowly, removing them quickly can result in a slight sting and can be quite painful so it is better to take your time when taking them off especially if you’ve worn it for a long period of hours.

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