Learn How To Make Your Boobs Smaller In 2 Simple Ways

Want to master how to make your boobs look smaller without taking a permanent fix? You are on the right page.

It is no news that plus-size breasts or massive boobs are usually attractive, but then, it is mostly a big deal for the owners.

Asides the bounce and weight of the boobs, which are not always comfortable with these ladies, it freaks them out that every eye seems to feast on their ‘girls’.

This makes them try as much as possible to reduce the appearance of their breasts, which is a better alternative to reducing the sizes of the breasts permanently.

Therefore, this post promises to show you how to make your boobs look smaller in two amazing ways without passing under the knife.

Does this sound intriguing?

If yes, stay glued to this post while we unravel these tricks together.

Let’s get the show on the road!

How To Make Your Boobs Smaller In 2 Simple Ways

There are two broad ways to make your boobs look smaller without any long-lasting alterations. You can achieve this by making the right choice of bra and also by incorporating some fashion tips to lessen the appearance of your busts.

Shall we dig deeper?

Get things right at the bra level

What can the righteous do if the foundation is faulty? We really have to start from scratch to effectively make our boobs look smaller, and bras are the best friends forever with the boobs.

Sis, here is your to-do list:

  1. Get fitted for a bra: Getting the full benefits of a bra is not all about picking a fancy bra at the store, it is more about getting the right size of a bra. 

To get that right, you have to measure yourself for a bra size whether you do it yourself or you get a professional fitting at a lingerie store.

The root cause of extra boobs, difficulty in keeping bra straps up, bra spillage, and even back fat bulges is incorrect bra size. 

It is quite astounding the number of women who still get their bra sizes wrong despite bra being famous lingerie.

Getting yourself fitted for a bra will ensure you get the maximum support and comfort you can get from a bra.

  1. Grab a minimizing bra: Now that you have your correct size, you can proceed to get a bra. For this cause, the style of bra you pick really matters.

Minimizing bras are a good option when it comes to subduing your boobs because they compress the breasts and spread them across the chest.

Moreso, they come with little or no padding, so you can rest assured that there is no extra weight to be added to your bust. 

This is not to say that it will compromise your curvy figure, only the protrusion is limited. Do not underestimate the power of minimizing bras.

  1. Tape the ‘girls’: Does this sound strange? Relax, it is not a big deal. Let me show you how it works. 

Get a double-sided tape or fashion tape, and you could also use a rabbit lift invisible tape. These tapes are pros at taming the breasts, you can never go wrong with them.

However, they are not an everyday option; so you have to know when to wear them. They are perfect solutions to keep your boobs ‘humbly’ in place when you are to hit the gym, or when your dress has a plunging neckline.

  1. Get a binder bra: Binder bras usually come like sports bras or bandeaus, but offer intense compression on the chest much more than any of those.

They are suitable for any breast size, as long as you do not mind a ‘flattened’ chest. 

It is important to note that there are rules guiding the use of this bra:

  • Do not wear a binder bra for over 8 hours
  • You should not wear a binder bra for a workout session
  • Avoid wearing a binder to sleep

Doing otherwise could lead to breathing issues, rib or tissue damage, etc. So ladies, when you bind, bind safely!

  1. Change your bra styles: If a shelf bra or water bra has always got all eyes on your chest, then it may be high time you changed your style of bras. I understand that a pretty lacy bra could be so tempting for you, but do not give in to temptation. Did I hear you say “preach, sister!”? 

On a more serious note, why don’t you drop those styles for a bralette or a sports bra?

Both bras are efficient in reducing the appearance of large busts, but a bralette is much more fashionable than a sports bra.

A bralette could make your back hurt if it is not the right fit. Also, a sports bra will compress your breasts so much that they will hurt if it is too tight.

But you will have no problems with these bras if you get yourself fitted for a bra. Sis, in all your getting, get the right size of bra!

  1. Get rid of the bras with heavy paddings: You get the gist? If not, most of us are already conversant with padded bras and we know they are perfect for adding extra volumes to our busts. 

I suppose that isn’t what a person looking out to reduce the appearance of their boobs would want, hence do not subscribe to bras with heavy paddings.

Divert attention with these styling tips

We could also do this with some fashion tricks, even though the approach is slightly different. Here, we are not necessarily compressing the breasts or reducing the size in any form. Wondering what it is about? 

We will shift the gaze from those boobs to other parts of our body, which do not make us uncomfortable. 

Check out the following tips:

  • Avoid bulky fabrics: Bulky fabrics make the boobs more pronounced, so rather than pick a dress because of its beauty, let the kind of fabric used for the top or dress influence your choice.
  • Choose tops of dark shades: Choosing dark-colored tops helps to give you a trimmed look, thereby making your boobs look smaller. 

If you are bothered that your outlook will be boring, you can always spice things up. Pair your dark-colored tops with colorful pants, or skirts to achieve a fabulous outlook.

  • Choose loose clothes: Clothes that do not hug you tightly are great options for making your boobs smaller. They won’t hug your bosom so tight that all eyes will be on them. 

This does not mean you have to choose baggy clothes, they do not appreciate your curves. Choose fitted clothes, just make sure they are not tight.

  • Get some layers: Cardigans, jackets, and blazers are good options you can layer your camisoles or tops with. 

Cardigans do not accentuate your curves because of their straight design, thereby drawing away gazes from your busts. Jackets and blazers do the same, but for beautiful results, you should wear them open.

  • Scarves save lives, wear them: Wrapping a scarf around your neck does a great job of hiding those boobs and lessening their appearance. 

This draws away attention from the breasts, and it also keeps you warm. You can spice things up with a jacket.

  • Do not wear long necklaces: They call attention to your busts, which you do not appreciate. Rather, you can wear no necklaces at all or make do with short necklaces. Chokers are great options too.

Final Thoughts

In your bid to get a ‘smaller boobs’ look, I hope you found the above tips very practical. There are two wide options to choose from on how to make your boobs look smaller.

If you would rather change your bra than explore the styling tips, you will definitely get amazing results. And vice versa.

I would like you to know that no matter the size, shape, or color of your breasts, you are beautiful just the way you are! And you might not really need to reduce the appearance of your breasts.

But whatever you choose to do, I hope you are happy and confident in your body. Stay happy, stay beautiful!