How to Measure Bra Size For Sagging Breasts

Getting a perfect bra size can prove to be quite difficult, frustrating, and challenging, especially for saggy breasts.  Saggy breasts result from different factors such as age, breastfeeding, menopause, a rapid increase in breast size, gravity, collagen deficiency, and so on.

You can go bra shopping and end up getting beautiful bras with great design and features but lack a very important feature that would help you push up your sagging breast in a way you like while some might not give you enough support or the full coverage you need. Before going shopping for a bra, it is advisable and important to always take measurements of your breasts first. This will help you determine the best bra to give you support and comfort, and you would also know the size to go for; this is because the shape of your breasts will influence the size of your bras, but for saggy breasts, the measurements might be quite confusing.

How to Take Measurements of Bra Size for Sagging Breasts

One important thing to note when taking your measurement is the nature and shape of your breast. We have several shapes of breasts, like round breasts, side sets, narrow, saggy breasts, etc. For sagging breasts, the shape of the breast usually points downwards. In this case, it is important to go for bras that come with under-wires which would fully support the breasts.

How to Correctly Measure Bra Size for Sagging Breast

Measuring your bra size is quite easy, all you need is a tape measure Make this measurement when you are bra-less or wearing a non-padded bra. Go through the following steps to help you have the knowledge of what to know before buying a bra for a sagging breast.

  • Measure your band size
  • Measure your cup size

Measure your band size

Getting the right band size might be a titanic struggle to measure the bra size for sagging breasts because not all bra brands fit the same way. If you can put two fingers or more between your chest and the band of your bra, then the bra might be too big. Getting a band too big might not only be uncomfortable, but it might also even increase the chances of the breast getting saggier. Bands should be able to provide at least 80% support to your breast.


Get a tape rule wrapped around your rib cage right under your bust. Make sure the tape is leveled around your body.

Step 2:

After taking your measurement, round to the nearest whole number or add at least two to three inches to your measurement if you got an even number. This way, you would get an accurate band size or rather pull the measuring tape till it’s a little snug since most bra bands are elastic.

Step 3:

Wrap the tape above your breast and directly under your arm. This should give you your actual bust size.

Step 4:

To get the right band size for a sagging breast, you can pull your bra straps high to get your breast up enough for you to get the measurement under your breast for accurate measurement.

The first thing you should do when you see a bra you would like to go for is to insert your fingers under the band of the bra; this is after you are already aware of your size. You can also decide to go to a professional bra fitting store, where they will help get your accurate measurement by measuring your chest to get a well-fitted bra for you.

Measure your cup size

Knowing your cup size, just like knowing your bra band, is also important when getting a bra, especially when you are trying to know how to measure bra size for sagging breasts since you might have to hold them up when taking the measurements.

Step 1:

Put the tape on your bust and measure around the fuller part of your bust loosely. If you are putting on a bra, make sure it’s parallel to your band.

Step 2:

Finally, subtract your bust measurement from your band measurement to get your cup size. The difference between them calculates your bra size, and each inch represents a cup.

How to know if your bra fits properly

Now that you’ve known how to measure bra size for sagging breast, here are tips on how to know if it fits you correctly:

  • You should be able to fit a finger between your bra band and your body; if not, then it is too tight, and if there are gaps underneath the cup, then the band is too loose. You might experience it riding up and it can be quite uncomfortable, especially when walking. Hence, the bands should always sit snugly against your back.
  • Make sure you go for adjustable and comfortable straps that stay on your shoulders comfortably . They should neither dig in nor pinch you. If the straps slip off your shoulders even after adjusting them, then you need a different size.
  • If you see empty spots in your bra cups, then something is wrong, which means you need a smaller cup size. And if you happen to experience spillage at the side or top of the cup, then you need a larger cup size. Also, if it’s an under-wire bra and it keeps riding up, then it is not your size; you need to get a larger size. Your cups should be full and smooth.
  • If your under-wire keeps pinching and poking you, then it’s not the bra for you
  • The ability to stick a finger under your center gore is totally bad, you shouldn’t be able to. Your gore should be tight to keep your breast from spilling out at the bottom.
  • You should ensure the back and front of the bra are on the same level.


Bras are mainly to offer support to the breast, thus for a sagging breast, your bra should fit properly and snug around your body. You should also know and always have your measurement written down somewhere you can easily access. However, bra size tends to change over some time due to some factors like breastfeeding, an increase in breast size, and so on.

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