How To Put On A Thong

Are you a first-timer trying to learn how to put on a thong? Or you are a regular who still finds thongs super uncomfortable to wear? Lessen your worries as we break the yoke off your neck!!

Comfort, liberty, and style have always been the three core words in a woman’s fashion, with liberty being the pivotal word – the power to be free from every form of compulsion. 

Every lady needs to be comfortable while exuding her fashion at will. Women’s clothing boils down to the undergarment, which isn’t lagging in the evolution of trends in fashion. 

Therefore, I have put up this guide on how to put on a thong in the proper way to optimize the fundamentals of fashion.

Guess what? This post also features some bonus tips for your “thong-ing” journey and a section that answers some FAQs concerning thongs.

Let’s get the show on the road.

But first off,

Get Familiar With A Thong!

how to put on a thong

A thong is a style of female underwear that is usually designed to have a wider front which connects to a triangular back by a band. 

The band on the sides do not have a fixed width or style, it might be narrow or wide, and the back usually offers less coverage for the butt cheeks.

Thongs are underwears that make you ooze loads of sexiness and also boost your self-confidence while you maintain beauty and trends. 

Types of Thong

They categorize a thong into 3 types, all of which are peculiar to the clothing of the wearer. They are: 

  • Traditional thongs: Traditional thongs typically have a wide waistband that supports a narrow strip of fabric between the cheeks with full frontal coverage.
  • G-string thongs: These thongs have a narrower ¼-inch strip of the waistband (usually made of elastic), along with a thin fabric between the buttocks and a small triangle strip in front.
  • Tanga/samba thongs: T-Crossed between standard panties and a traditional thong with a thicker waistband. 

This thong style offers extra fabric above the cheeks, while still leaving your bum exposed to prevent panty lines.

Why bother about VPL (Visible panty line) when there is a thong to the rescue? Actually, seamless thongs nail it better! 

How To Wear A Thong

Although, not every woman subscribes to a thong as part of female underwear due to the scuttlebutt of not “being comfortable” and “eating into the skin”. 

Regardless of your prior mindset on thongs, this article is here to clear the misconception and give a detailed guide to how to put on a thong comfortably. 

  1. Look Out For The Appropriate Size

Just like any other piece of clothing, finding an appropriate thong size has a direct effect on your comfort. Thongs come in different sizes, ranging from small to large. 

To ensure you don’t end up with a sigh after trying on your thong when you get home from shopping, it’s advisable to try on your thong on top of your brief at the departmental shop before purchase. 

This gives you an appropriate idea of how fit it is for you!

  1. Be Mindful Of The Fabric Type

There is a thong for every occasion. Thongs exist in cotton and linen fabrics. Even more in silk and satin whenever you’re trying to bring your sexiness on. 

Cotton is more breathable, as it is stretchy and allows super comfort. As a first-timer, I would recommend a cotton thong till you get accustomed to the world of thongs!

Moreso, because cotton is breathable and prevents excessive dampness, you can worry less about infections.

  1. Check The ‘Rise’ Level

Why avoid a visible panty line only to end up with a whale line? After putting on your thong, look through a mirror to ensure the lines of your thong aren’t up above your trouser level. 

To avoid a whale line, ensure you are

  • putting on your correct thong size.
  • wearing high waist trousers.
  • Wearing a shirt/top that covers down the whale line.
  1. Know Your Thong

Understanding the design of your thong is very important, as it helps you to locate the holes and recognize which hole is for which part of the body. 

This is because the waistband could sometimes look or pass for the leg holes, and it is not strange that some women get this wrong. 

Therefore, you should pay attention to the design of your thong before putting it on at all. Once you have done that, then:

  • hold both sides of the waistband
  • place it in your front while the back of the thong lies against your belly
  • Put both legs through the leg holes one after the other
  • Pull it up into its rightful place
  • Tweak in front to confirm it’s staying put and comfortable for you
  • Ensure the thin string at the back sits right between your butt cheeks
  • And you are good!

Bonus Tips

Here are some beneficial tips to follow when you begin your thong-wearing journey:

  • Don’t wear a thong every day. Interchange with other types of panties.
  • The design of the thong is such a way that a line transcends from between the butt cheeks to the veejay. 

So, not changing your thongs regularly might cause bacterial transfer between the two private openings. 

  • Allow your V-jay to breathe! After a long-ass day, it’s fine to take off your thong right before bedtime and allow air to penetrate your privates.
  • Wipe the right way when the need arises to prevent germ spread. Wondering what the proper way is? It is from the front to the back!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Put On A Thong

Does the skinny part of a thong go in the front or back?

Dear ‘Thonger’, the skinny part goes in the back. Remember, we are exposing the butt cheeks and flaunting all the sexiness.

Do thongs make you smell?

Absolutely not! Thongs do not make you smell, provided you choose the one with a breathable fabric. 

When the fabric is no permeable, there is a high hance that there is a buildup of moisture in your underwear, which could cause vaginal odor as a result of bacterial growth or other infections. 

Cotton is a very breathable fabric and is key to preventing infections; thus, I suggest you choose thongs made of cotton.

Do thongs cause skin tags?

According to a professional source, thongs fans are highly susceptible to having skin tags, especially around their vulva and rectum. This is usually a result of excessive rubbing in those parts.

Final Notes

Feminism comes with spikes and thrills. Don’t be afraid to explore your fashion options! 

When correctly chosen and worn, thongs can be sophisticated and give an aura unmatched to yourself and your partner in the bedroom affairs. 

Therefore, put all you have learned from this post on how to wear a thong the right way to use and get your cheeks comfortable in your thong.

Let me quickly chip in that thongs do not feel the same as the conventional panties, so expect some getting-used-to phase in your thong journey.

Cheers to sexiness overdose!