How To Shorten Your Bra Straps, Step By Step Guide

Are your lingerie straps always falling off your shoulders annoyingly?

You’re not alone:

A lot of women with sloping/narrow shoulders and short ladies with big breasts have a hard time with falling bra straps.

But it’s not over for you just yet:

Right here, I will guide you from step 1 to finish with different ways you can shorten those straps to your size.

Now, here’s what’s good:

You will understand…

  • How to make bra straps shorter without sewing
  • How to shorten bra straps by sewing
  • How to use strap saver devices
  • Answers to the frequently asked questions about falling lingerie straps

Sounds great?

Let’s get started:

How To Shorten Bra Straps By Sewing

Now, here are some facts to start with:

When your straps are tightened to the right length and properly fitted;

  • You enjoy free movements and all the benefits that come with that
  • You get maximum breast support, making your breasts round and perky while preventing sagging.
  • Your neck and back are well-supported by your spine for improved posture and comfort

So, stick with me now for the first option:

Option 1; Do It Yourself

If you’re a DIYer/hobbyist and want to get your straps in perfect length by sewing it yourself, here are the tools you need;

  • 1× measuring tape
  • 2× safety pins
  • 1× thread and 3× needles (extra needles for “just in case”)
  • 1× pencil for marking out
  • 1× pair sharp of scissors
  • Your oversized-strap braziers

Ready for the instructions now?

Now, let’s get this on the road with…

Step 1; Adjusting Your Shoulder Straps

First thing:

You want to make sure those straps are in full length. By so doing, you can know the exact length to hack away and what to leave behind. Right? 

To do this, follow the 3 steps below:

  • Find and hold the metal/plastic slide adjuster between a thumb and an index finger
  • Pull the strap toward the bra cup till the slide adjuster rests on the band where the hook is
  • Repeat this for the second strap

Done? Great. Moving on to…

Step 2; Find Out The Excess Bra Strap

To do this, follow the 7 steps below:

  • Take your measuring tape
  • Measure the distance between the top of your right-side breast where the bra cup edges rest and the tip of your scapula
  • Write the numbers on a paper sheet with a pencil
  • Take that same measurement on the right-side strap
  • Repeat this process for the left-side breast and strap from step 1 to 4

Moving on:

Step 3; Pin The Excess

Taking it from the last step:

This is where the two safety pins get to the action. Follow the instructions below.

  • Unhook the right-side strap end from the bra band
  • Now, with your pencil, mark out the previously noted breast-top-to-scapula-tip length
  • Keep the safety pin exactly where you marked out
  • Measure the distance between the pin and the tip where your strap hooks the band
  • Repeat this process for the left-side strap

Next up:

Step 4; Loosen The Stitches

Now, be extra careful here:

The process here is to help you safely take out the unwanted length so you can finally cut it in step 5.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Remove the safety pins
  • Tighten the strap to maximum
  • Locate the plastic loops inside the slide adjuster
  • There, you should see some zigzag or straight stitches
  • Cut through those stitches with your scissors to make that strap end unstitched
  • Now, pull the unstitched end out until it reaches the measurement of the length to be hacked away
  • You can confirm the length by using your measuring tape to measure the length you’ve noted down previously.
  • Leave up to an additional 1inch length to the part of the strap you need (it becomes useful for stitching hem later on)
  • Repeat this for the second strap

Almost there:

Step 5; Hacking Away The Excess

Get your scissors ready:

This is where you finally cut away the excess. But be careful to do it right because there’s no going back on a cut.

  • Hold the point to be cut between an index and a thumb finger
  • With your scissors, cut through the pencil mark until the excess part falls away

Rounding up:

Step 6; Stitch Back In Place

This is the final step:

Finally, here you are to stitch back the loose end after cutting away the excess. To do this with needle and thread:

  1. Put your thread into the needle eye
  2. Tie a knot at the end of the thread so it doesn’t pull out when sewing
  3. Take and align the hem end of the cut strap to its body just away from the slider
  4. Make stitches till it stays fixed, forming a loop
  5. Put on your bra and adjust the slider until it fits and the straps stop falling

Moving on to…

Option 2; Let A Professional Do It


If you’re not a DIYer and don’t want to ruin your bra, it’s wiser to let a professional tailor do it for you. But always make sure;

  • The tailor has experience resizing oversized bra straps
  • Has a portfolio to show for it
  • Offers a fair repair price
  • Is easy to reach
  • And has a short turn-around-time

If you don’t know of any tailor like this, I suggest;

  • Seeking recommendations from friends or colleagues
  • Looking up “best bra repair tailor near me” on Google
  • Reaching back to your bra manufacturer to explain your problem to them 

So, suppose you couldn’t find a tailor and don’t know how to sew, try the below guide to shortening straps without sewing.

How To Get Shorter Straps Without Sewing Or Altering

Here are the reasons you’re likely to not go for the previous method;

  • You’re afraid of messing up with your bra
  • You don’t want those final stitches biting into your skin

Whatever may be your reason, you still have 3 options left to shorten those straps without cutting or sewing a thing.

Let’s begin with:

Option 1; Use Strap Savers

Listen now:

Strap Savers come in different sizes, colors, materials, and brands. These portable add-on bra accessories hold excess strap length in position after adjustment.

Here’s how to use yours when you buy them:

  • Find the slide adjuster of your bra (it’s a plastic/metal clip located at the back nearly touching the band)
  • Extend your strap through it to the maximum length
  • Now, adjust the strap to form a loop or a bow
  • Hold the top of the loop or one of the tops of the bow
  • Together with the loop-top, you’re holding, place the bra strap through the wide opening of the Strap Saver
  • Finally, hook the remaining part of the bra strap with the narrow opening of your Strap Saver
  • And that’s it. Remember to repeat this for the second strap, though.

Now, to…

Option 2; Test Through Trial & Error Then Use Pins

But not just the regular safety pins:

Fashionable pins. They are magic and beauty. But you need 2 of them in either the same color with your straps or a color that matches. Then again, it boils down to your preference. Right?

So, follow my lead:

  • First thing, determine the excess strap length by trial and error
  • Turn your bra inside out
  • Lay your bra on a table with the backside of it facing upward
  • Hold your fashionable safety pin
  • Fold the excess strap length and drive your pin through the fold
  • Close your pin
  • Repeat the process for the second strap
  • You’re done

Want more? Head over to…

Option 3; Use The Strap Slide Adjuster

Yes, that works too:

In fact, it’s the first thing to try before anything else. Often than not, all you had to do is adjust that slider. There’s no brainwork to it. Just adjust the slider, try the bra on and keep adjusting till it fits.

Before wrapping things up though, let me show you some of the…

Frequently Asked Questions About Shortening Bra Straps

Question; is there any way to prevent a front closure bra from unclipping?

Answer; it’s another telltale your straps are longer than they should be and you’ve got 2 options. You can either shorten the straps or clip the excess in place with fashionable pins.

Question; does anyone else’s straps float up when you sit down?

Answer; well, yes. It’s probably because your breasts are high-set. And the solution is to always use bras with racerback clips. I suggest the Freya Deco.

Rounding it up now


I hope you’re finally able to feel more comfortable and confident in your bra after using this guide. Let me know which of the solutions helped you in the comments below. 

Also, I am up for discussions on this topic and ready to take your questions on this. Let me have your thoughts!

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