Here Is How To Stop Bra Band From Curling In 5 Straightforward Steps!

Want to learn how to stop bra band from curling?

Does your bra give you a tough time when the band rolls up? Are you sick and tired of someone calling your attention to a rolling bra band under your body con dress?

If you direly need a solution to that, I am glad to announce that this page is for your rescue.

Wondering what is in this article? This article discusses:

  • Why a bra band curls
  • How to stop bra band from curling

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Just before we dive in deeper, we might as well want to know

Why A Bra Band Curls

A curling or rolling bra band is entirely different from a ‘riding’ bra band. When your bra band rides on your back, it means the whole of your band shifts up or down from their usual positions. 

But with a rolling bra band, just the edge of the bra band rolls or twists outwards such that it does not lay flat on the skin.

Here, we are discussing the “rolling” band. So, what causes your bra band to curl? Let’s find out!

  • Your Body Composition: Before I even begin with this, let me remind you that you are beautiful no matter the shape or color. This is not some form of flattery or motivation, it is what it is!

However, we exist in diverse shapes and colors. Some women have a more compact body while some are so “soft” (this category can be so flexible that they dance so well). 

This “soft” category of women is prone to having skin folds, note that this is not in any way related to your size. You could be small and soft, and there are compact curvy ladies as well.

These folds of skin push or roll up the edge of your bra band like some rolling pins. Many of you will have noticed the same thing when you sit down and the tip of your bra band touches your tummy, the tummy folds will force the bands to curl.

  • Bra Fitting: When your bra does not fit, the band will roll. When your bra band is too tight or you do not place it properly such that it levels from the front to the back, it will curl.

A worn-out or damaged bra might also roll. The way you handle your bra also determines if it will roll or not.


The Big Gist: How To Stop Bra Band From Curling

Stopping a bra band from curling is something that has to be treated from the scratch, prevention is better than cure, they say.


Hence, the following are how to stop bra band from curling:

  1. Bras with wide straps are game

Women tend to gain more weight and have an excess of fat buildup as they advance in age. 

The upper back fat and the fat beneath the arms are always higher and they tend to press on the edge of the bra band below them, causing it to roll.

But a quality bra with wider straps will hinder the curling of the band. It is important to note that just wide straps in a bra will not do the magic, but also getting the right fit of the bra. 

  1. Opt for quality bras

It is advisable that you pick up quality bras if you do not want your bra to give you a headache all the time. With time, a low-quality bra will start giving you issues such as the bra band curling and they do not even last long.

As long as you can afford it, do not mind the cost of a quality bra because you will definitely get the worth of every penny spent.

Visit a store that specializes in lingerie for your bras because they would be better at providing top-notch quality bras from recognized brands; rather than buying from a local supermarket.

If you prefer to buy online, make sure you check the description of the bra, the ratings, and read reviews of previous customers on the same bra.

  1. Check the state of the bra

You have finally found a good quality bra with wide straps, do not make the mistake of going straight to the counter to pay for it. Did you just ask why?

Here is why: You still have some checking to do. You must check thoroughly if the bra is still intact and no part of the bra is impaired. 

You might be wondering how possible that is- well, it is very possible. While customers try out bras at the store, some stretch out the straps or bands of the bra or handle them improperly. These actions are not always intentional, so the store owners might even be unaware.

If you ordered from an online store, the damage to a bra can be from poor packaging or handling during the shipping process. Report all cases of damaged bras as soon as you can in order to get a replacement or a refund.

  1. Stop touching the bra bands!

As you make your bed, so you must lie on it. This implies that your bra turns out to be whatever you want it to be. If you keep touching or pulling your bra bands, their shapes will conform to that action. 

Therefore, do not mishandle your bra or touch your bra band repeatedly for a guaranteed long life.

  1. In all, get a bra that fits- in style and size! 

You can get a professional fitting or check here to do it yourself. Also, it is best to choose a bra that has a smaller band size than the size of the band that curls; and go up a cup size if you need to. One good bra deserves to fit!

Asides from changing the band size, you might want to change the style of the bra you wear too. If a balconette bra does not work well, try out a shelf bra or a contour bra.

Finally, a bra that has plastic boning at the edges will make a good bra for you if the issue is not really with your bras but body composition. 

You love your body the way it is, then you should give your body what it loves. Wondering what that is? 

It is a bra that stays firmly on your skin, your body deserves that and so much more!


Here is all I have for you on how to stop bra band from curling. I hope you find it helpful. 

I am sure you have also realized that stopping your bra band from curling is better treated from the onset rather than later. Getting it right from the start saves you a whole lot of stress.

Whenever you want to purchase a bra, ensure it is the right fit, right style, good quality, and in a good condition. All these will help to stop your bra band from curling.

I wish you a wonderful bra experience!