Learn How To Stretch Out A Sports Bra Using These Simple Techniques

Do you want to learn how to stretch out a sports bra?

Just like any other bra, a sports bra should fit perfectly. If your sports bra is tighter than it should be, you are probably looking for a way to fix it.

One simple solution to fix your sports bra is to stretch out a bra. Wondering how to go about the stretching out? 

This article promises to show you

  • Signs that tell your sports bra are so tight
  • How to stretch out a sports bra
  • Answers to frequently asked questions on how to stretch out a sports bra

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Let’s get things underway.

Just before we dig in deeper, it is important to have a rundown on the 

Signs That Help You Determine That Your Sports Bra Is Tight

Naturally, a sports bra should fit so well so that you do not get an unnecessary bounce in your chest region since you mostly put them on for sports or to hit the gym.

However, in the bid to get optimum support from the bra, the tightness gets to the extreme at times. 

The following red flags will let you know when your bra is too tight:

  • The band of the sports bra leaves glaring marks on your body
  • Your cups overflow .i.e. bra spillage
  • The cups, bands, or straps dig into your skin
  • The band rides up on your chest rather than stay under your bust
  • Your ribs hurt 
  • You have difficulty in breathing

When you notice any of these signs, it is time to take a decision- trash it or, better still, stretch out the bra.

You might be asking, “how do I go about this?” Read on to find out.

How To Stretch Out A Sports Bra

Just so you know, stretching out as an option comes from the point that over time, our bras stretch as a result of wearing them a couple of times. 

But you do not want to bear all the inconvenience that comes with wearing a tight bra for that long before you get the issue fixed.

Sports bras come in different fabrics, but mostly in cotton and polyester, hence we will have a look at how to stretch out a sports bra made of cotton and polyester.

Let us begin.

  1. How To Stretch Out A Sports Bra Made Of Polyester

Due to the rigid nature of polyester, it is often used in making sports bras. Sometimes, stretchy fabrics are used like elastic or fabrics that are a bit stretchy so that they can easily return to their original states after a stretch.

To make this happen, there are two approaches- either you make the spandex weak or enlarge the bra itself.

Whichever you choose to achieve, the following guide will help you:

  • Set the bra to wash in a heat revolution for approximately half an hour.
  • Spread it to dry while it is still warm and soggy
  • Stretch the bra on the clothing line and secure it at both ends with pegs. You can also decide to stretch it with an iron that steams- you iron as you extend the bra. Another way to stretch the bra is to put it on while it is still damp, to make it conform to your actual size.
  • Whichever method of stretching you choose, leave the bra to dry.
  • If you do not get the desired result with the first attempt, then repeat the process until you get what you want.
  1. How To Stretch Out A Sports Bra Made Of Cotton

It is expected that a cotton sports bra which was not shrunk during production will shrink after you wash it a few times.

Even so, you can slacken the cotton fibers of the sports bra to the size you want. Here is how to do that:

  • Create a mixture of shampoo or conditioner (about 15ml) and a liter of warm water in a bowl. Ensure you stir enough until you have a blended solution.
  • Throw in your sports bra and allow it to soak for half an hour.
  • Remove and squeeze out water
  • Wrap the sports bra in a dry towel, roll both so that the towel absorbs whatever water is left in the bra.
  • Stretch out the bra to desired size. You can use an old bra as a yardstick.
  • Rinse off the bra in warm water and hang to dry. You can stretch out the bra on the clothing line and hold it in place with pegs till it dries up.

And there you are!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On How To Stretch Out A Sports Bra

Can my sports bras stretch out?

Of course they can. Naturally, a sports bra can stretch out after yo must have worn and washed it for some period.

However, you can induce a ‘stretch’ on your sports bra in case it is quite new but so tight for you.

How long does it take for a sports bra to stretch?

If you do not tamper with the quality of a sports bra or extend it forcefully, a sports bra can last for an average of 8 months.

Towards the end of its life is when it begins to stretch and wear, during which its function of support is compromised or completely lost.

But it takes between half an hour to two hours if you intentionally stretch out a sports bra.

Should my sports bra be tight?

A sports bra should closely fit your body because a sports bra should be tighter than the conventional bra, but not so tight.

It should not be so tight that you can not breathe or ribs hurt. You can determine this by inserting two of your fingers in between your straps and your shoulder. If you do that effortlessly, then it fits well.


Alas! We have come to the end of this informative post. I hope you have learnt the different steps to take on how to stretch out a sports bra, be it a polyester or cotton sports bra.

We also looked at the various signs that indicate that a sports bra is too tight. It is quite important to note that you can save yourself all of these troubles by getting the right fit for a sports bra.

The options of stretching out a bra should come handy when you have made a wrong choice of bra fitting, and to prevent a further occurrence of that, you can read more on bra fitting here on how to measure a man for a sports bra. Or better still, get a professional fitting.

I hope you find the steps easy to implement. Please share which of the options worked for you based on your type of sports bra.