How to Wash Bras in a Washing Machine

How to Wash Bras in Washing Machine
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How to Wash Bras in Washing Machine

Having to hand wash your bras every time can be quite tasking, but washing bras in a washing machine makes chores easier, however, you have to be careful when doing that because it is not advisable to wash your bras in a washing machine every time as it reduces the span of the bra and they might tend to snag and moreover most bras come with the specification of being hand-washed only even if it is time-consuming as opposed to using a washing machine. The lifespan of a regular bra is normally not more than three years regardless of how careful you are with it. If you have a tight schedule that won’t let you have time to hand wash them then you definitely need to know how to wash bras in a washing machine. Washing of bras all depends on your lifestyle, it’s not a must you wash your bras after every wear, but at least after wearing it 2-3 times and it also depends on how much you sweat and since hygiene is important then you have to wash them often.

Here are ways on how to wash bras in a washing machine

Before dipping your bras in a washing machine have it in mind to be very careful especially when they are Best Bras for Wide-Set Breasts. And before dipping your bras into a washing machine always ensure you hook the bras together to prevent it from snagging, the process on how to wash bras in a washing machine can be quite tricky. Follow these simple steps and instructions when using a washing machine to wash your bras.

Materials needed

  • Mild detergent
  • Laundry bag/Garment


  • Put bras in the laundry bag before washing, they protect the straps from getting mangled
  • Then place the laundry bag in the washing machine
  • Add the mild detergent
  • Use the delicate side on the washing machine with cool water, since it is as close as hand washing. Always make sure you wash similar colors together.
  • When the cycle is complete remove the laundry bag 
  • Take the bra out  of the bag


You must always air dry your bras, don’t ever put them in the dryer, because the heat of the dryer even if you put it on a low heat setting it will still be too much for the elastic to bear. The tumbling is not good for the bras, especially underwire bras It can easily bend the wire and let them start poking out from the fabric but you can also use it if you are not patient enough to air dry. Always hang them by the center gore don’t hang them by the straps. For molded cup bras after taking it out of the washing machine lay it flat on a towel then reshape the cups with your hands.

How frequently should you wash your bras?

Washing of your bras all depends on you, it depends on how many bras you have and how often you wear them but it is advisable to always wash your bras after two to three Wears. It also depends on your hygiene and lifestyle, for women who sweat more, you should wash your bra more often.

However, washing your bras almost every day would make your bra wear out easily this is why you should have different bras for different purposes and occasions.

How to maintain your bras

Maintaining your bras is a very important key factor even if you have lots of bras to wear occasionally and especially if you know how to wash bras in a washing machine and you do that often. Taking extra care of your bras will not only extend their life span it will also make them last even though how long a bra would last all depends on the quality but even bras with high quality won’t last forever, however, a bra is expected to last for about two years but with extra care, you can wear them much longer than that, that’s why one of the best tips for increasing the life span of your bras is to have several of them you can wear alternatively, wearing the same bra for more than one day every week will make the bra wears out fast. Bras needs to rest for couple of days since they contain elastane to prevent the elastic for stretching further than it was. Except you are aiming for the Best Bras for Wide-Set Breasts, once the band starts stretching too much it reduces the support the bra provides, even the straps can also stretch further than the way it was.

These are some ways to maintain your bras 

Store your bras properly- don’t just dump them in your drawer after washing. Always make sure you fold them with the cup inside each other or you hook the bras at the back and place them on top of each other in the same direction, this way they wont tangle.

Wash your bras- though it is not advisable to wash your bras very often like almost everyday or after every use, it is preferable to wash them after about two to three wears and it also depends on how much you sweat, if you sweat a lot try to wash them after two wears max. And wash bras with different colours separately and be careful about the detergent you use in washing the bras, always make sure you use a mild alcohol free detergents especially for coloured bras. Always make sure your bras dry properly before storing them.

With these tips your bras should last longer.


Having to know how to wash bras in a washing machine requires lots of care and attention beacause there are some dos and donts guiding washing bras in a washing machine you can just dump them into the washing machine the way you do to clothes. Bras needs to be cared for properly to increase thier life span. It is also advisable to replace your bras every 6 months to 1 year, depends on how often you wear the bra.

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