How To Wear A Thong With Leggings

Do you know things can still go wrong when you pair leggings with a thong? This is why you should master how to wear a thong with leggings immaculately.

Contrary to popular beliefs, thongs do not always defeat the visible panty lines syndrome. There are times thongs give those nasty lines you do not want showing on your pants or leggings.

However, this does not in any way negate the fact that thongs are a great deal for leggings. In fact, they are one of the best underwear options for leggings, if not the best.

But just before you rack your brain for how to get a smashing look when you pair your leggings with a thong, take some time to read this post till the end. 

I am sure you would get answers to your questions and clarity to your confusion. Let us begin!

How To Wear A Thong With Leggings how to wear a thong with leggings

Wearing a thong with leggings is the leading way to eliminate panty lines. But I suggest you do it the pro way since we aim at beau idéal.

So, let me give you some pro tips!

  1. Choose thongs with minimal body

It is very advisable that you shop for thongs that are minimalistic in nature, or you choose from your underwear closet if you have one that meets that requirement.

I suppose wearing your leggings faultlessly is one of the reasons you are here on this page. 

Therefore, you would not want to wear anything ceremonious underneath your leggings that will announce the presence of your undergarment. 

Thongs with modest designs and fabrics are better options for your leggings because the leggings are usually in sheer and thin fabrics.

  1. Select seamless thongs for a perfect outline

Regardless of how modest the fabric of a thong is, it is still very much capable of creating visible panty lines.

Hence, when you want to choose a thong for your leggings, be deliberate about the hemming of the brief. 

You might be wondering how to figure these thongs out- they are simply thongs that have a laser cut rather than the conventional stitches at their edges. 

They are popularly known as seamless thongs, which assure you a hundred percent that they come with an entire no-visible panty line. 

For the sake of emphasis, thongs are fantastic ideas for leggings, but you will increase the efficiency of that trick if you choose one with a laser cut.

  1. The rise level of the thong should match the waist of your leggings

One other important thing you should be very mindful of is the rise of the thong you intend to pair with the height of the leggings. 

It is not strange if you think a thong that rises high at the waist would match high-waisted leggings so well; you are not entirely wrong. 

But, you have to choose one that does not extend higher than the waistband of the leggings so that when you bend; you do not experience whale lines. 

Whale lines are when your thong waistband shows above the waist of your trousers or leggings. I mean, no one desires to jump from frying pan to fire – while you are trying to avoid visible panty lines, then you encounter whale lines which could be nastier.

So what do you suggest? 

A thong with a narrow string at the back and rises up to the band of the leggings at the waist is an ideal one to wear with leggings for impeccable results.

Mind you, if the waist of the thong does not reach high up to the level of the leggings’ waistband, then you are at a risk of your thong showing through your leggings.

The reason remains the same: leggings hug you tightly and are sometimes made of transparent fabric. So ensure it reaches up to your leggings band to get hidden perfectly.

  1. A thong almost or the same as your skin color will be a great fit

There is one more thing to consider when you are choosing a thong for your leggings. It is not enough that your thong is modest, has a reasonable rise level, and does not give you visible panty lines.

What more, Sharon?

Don’t fret, it is just about the color of your thong. Fashion experts suggest that you choose a thong whose color matches your skin color. 

However, it is not a must that the thong matches your skin color, it can be one of almost your skin shade. 

The gimmick is that the thong must be as invisible as possible, so it is not really all about getting a thong of your exact skin color. 

Just as I mentioned earlier, leggings usually come in sheer and thin materials even though some other ones of better quality come in thicker materials.

However, no matter the thickness, the materials are like spandex, with so much elasticity that they can hug you perfectly well. 

Therefore, there is a tendency that they stretch and become more transparent when you bend over; and this could advertise your briefs. Even so, the less-quality leggings do not even require you to bend over- they are always ready to give you away.

So girl, to nail the leggings over a thong, get yourself a thong that matches your skin color!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Wear A Thong With Leggings

Can I wear a thong under gym leggings?

Definitely, you can! Follow the hacks I shared above to wear a thong with your leggings to perfection. 

Although you can choose to go commando if that seems more appealing and more comfortable to you.

What other than a thong can I wear under leggings?

Asides from a thong for your leggings, choose seamless undergarments since the goal is to hide any visible panty lines. Ensure it is exactly or close to your skin tone for reliable results.

One other thing you can also wear for maximum comfort is nothing, like NOTHING.

Is it okay to go commando in leggings?

It is totally fine to wear nothing under your leggings, as long as it makes you comfortable. Even so, you have to be very mindful of your leggings, it must be breathable so you do not get excess moisture trapped in there.

Final Thoughts

And that is all I have for you! I hope I have been able to satisfy your curiosity on how to wear a thong with leggings.

Moreso, in case you have been in a dilemma of choosing what thong to wear with a leggings sports bra, follow through with the hints I discussed earlier to rock your leggings faultlessly.

I hope you deem the tips I shared above very practical and helpful. 

Now that you have discovered the ways to wear a thong with leggings without the VPL- syndrome or the thong showing through your leggings, I hope you will give them a try. 

You can share with me in the comments section the option that interests you the most, and your experiences when you put them to practice.

Have a wonderful thong-leggings experience!