5 Best Nigerian Food For Breastfeeding Mothers

New mum?

Here’s what separates a healthy, sexy-looking nursing mother from a baby boomer-looking 25-year old.

A healthy nursing diet plan.

Yes, that’s the big little secret.

Though whatever you’ve heard about your body’s superpowers to produce the needed breastmilk nutrient from its own store for your baby is true.

But that is a blind truth.

Full story?

You’re at the loose end by constantly giving away without making 100% replacement.

Good news?

In this article, I will show you the most powerful Nigerian food for breastfeeding mothers so you can;

Give yourself more than you give out to your baby

Look like a teenager whilst breastfeeding

Cut loose those extra kilos from pregnancy

Help your baby grow faster and healthier

Spend less money doing so…

Sounds great huh?

Let’s dive in.

Diet number 1 will knock your socks off…

Top Nigerian Food For Breastfeeding Mothers

  1. Water, Milk, Juice

Really? Just water? Yes. nursing mothers are the most susceptible to dehydration. Think about where all those liquid breastmilk is coming from. So if you notice an obsession with water lately, you don’t have to resist the urge. But again, isn’t 12 cups of water a day quite punishing? I’d say, spice it up. Whatever is liquid is essentially water. You don’t want to take alcohol or caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea though. Caffeinated drinks build up caffeine in your breastmilk. And that affects your precious baby in a hundred ways. Instead, switch to milk, juice, smoothie, and whatever healthy drink that aligns with your budget. Moving on…

  1. Leafy Greens

What nutrient does your baby take so much from you? Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. How do you replace those? Leafy greens! Leafy greens are a natural and non-dairy source of calcium and iron. They contain both vitamin A and C in large quantities. What’s great? Leafy greens are also packed with antioxidants, a natural way to keep your baby’s food clean and healthy. Spinach, broccoli, and curly kale. Those are some of the leafy greens to add to a nursing mother’s diet plan. Did I mention the part where those anti-oxidants treat your skin, keeping you glowing naturally? See the massive benefits of eating brown rice below.

  1. Brown Rice

We all want to cut down on those extra kilos after pregnancy, reshape those flabby bellies, and get that young sexy body back. But the majority of mothers out there are doing it the wrong way by reducing their intake of carbohydrates. Flash news? You don’t have to.

Though carbohydrates encourage the accumulation of fat in the body, they also provide you with the energy needed through your daily routines. Give up on carbohydrate and you’re sure to get drained faster, becoming sluggish before the day starts, and shuffling around like a ghost. Okay, I made the ghost part up.

But instead of walking away from all those energies that carbohydrate offer, healthy wholegrain carbohydrates in brown rice are a better option. They are non-fat in nature, will provide your baby with quality milk, and even level up your own energy so you can look brighter and alive all day.

  1. Salmon

I mentioned earlier that fat may not be good for you. Right? But that excludes the fat in salmon fish. Salmon fish is one of the healthiest fatty fish alive for nursing mums. It contains Docosahexaonic acid fat. Here’s what that mumbo jumbo means. DHA fat. According to studies, breastfeeding an infant with DHA-rich breastmilk helps to develop a proper vision, healthy nervous system, and more neurodevelopment benefits. What’s great? DHA fat has also been seen to prevent postnatal depression by enriching your mood. Yay! A win-win.

  1. Wholemeal Bread And Eggs

While egg yokes yolks are a budget-friendly source of abundant vitamin D that is needed to build stronger bones for you and your baby, some special eggs contain DHA though in a lesser volume compared to salmon as previously mentioned above. Call them DHA-fortified eggs when you get to the grocery store down the street for the sake of confusion. This together with the benefits in the folic acid, iron, and fiber that you get from wholemeal bread sums up to healthy living for you and your baby.

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