Size 24 Will I Fit In An Airplane Seat

Size 24 will I fit in an airplane seat? Of course, you can fly to get a perfectly enjoyable holiday. Size 24 or higher people may be able to get more comfortable like normal size people by considering some steps before buying a ticket. Sometimes, plus-size women face some extra challenges along the way. But keep in mind, where there is any kind of problem, there are also workable solutions to ensure a great experience.

With careful planning, your holiday flight can be more secure and enjoyable. Follow the below tips in order to maximize your happiness and comfort as a plus-size woman.

10 Tips To Make Size 24 Traveler Fit In An Airplane Seat

1. Choose Size-Friendly Airlines

Size 24 friendly airplane

You are able to choose a size-friendly airplane seat for most of the airlines in the USA. If you need an additional comfortable seat, you can contact them directly to book them. But keep in mind this policy may differ by airline and country. Seat widths vary from aircraft to aircraft. So before you book your seat, make sure your seat can guarantee your comfort.

The standard width for a seat in aircraft is 18 inches, but this size shrinking day by day to maximize company profit. So before booking your seat, I refer to follow SeatGuru to see the all-seat width and available options in your preferred aircraft.

2. Book Carefully

Book your airplane ticket carefully

You should be more careful in booking your flight to avoid rush hour. Enjoy the advantage of red-eye special by taking the place where the plane is less likely to be full. Keep in mind, generally, most of the passengers travel 2 days a week. Monday is an overcrowded and busy day for most aircraft companies. So, this is good to avoid crowded days if you have enough time to travel.

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3. Bring Your Own Seat Extender

Bring Your 24 size seat extender

Every airline always has a few seatbelt extenders for the passengers asking, but not all of them are sensitive in their delivery and sometimes their standard seatbelts aren’t long enough for a safe flight. Usually, most of the time, they provide low-quality extenders to the passengers. Imagine you have got a seat belt that is not secured and not fitted perfectly in your plus-size body. I think, in this situation, your sweet flying experience turned into a life risky task.

I recommend, bring your own seatbelt extenders to save your hassle. Just go to your favorite shop and try them out to select the perfect seatbelt for your body or you can buy it from an online shop like Amazon.

4. Arrive Early at The Airport

Arrive Early to the Airport

Before boarding your flight, reach your preferred booked airport with at least an hour in hand to chill time. Leave your home with enough time to reach the airport through secure driving; don’t hurry on the road. After reaching the airport, take time in the washroom to avoid unnecessary visits during the flying time in the very little coffin-sized airplane bathrooms.

Take a while to grab a sandwich and a bottle of water. Stick your water bottle into the back of the seat pocket of your booking seat for easy access.

5. Request an Aisle or Window Seat

Request an Aisle or Window Seat as a plus size

You can request a seat assignment for the window or aisle, where you will get an extra little room to move freely. Before take-off, check out your seat. If your seat is a bulkhead, then you should contact the service holder to solve it. The fundamental problem with a bulkhead seat is that you don’t raise your armrests and the tray table comes out of the armrests.

6. Be Extra Kind to Your Seatmates

Be Extra Kind to Your airplane Seatmates

Your seat might be better than the others on your flight and it is really hard to endure an irritable flying mate beside your own seat. Simply smile, say hello, and introduce yourself to your mate. This simple conversation makes a secure relationship with each other. Check out the flying attendant; if you find open seats around you, feel free to move there. If there is an unbreathable situation, just ask for help from flight attendants and they might be able to move someone to make extra space.

7. Look for an Exit Row Seat

Look for an airplane Exit Row Seat

Most airplane companies include exit row seats over the wings that have more legroom than the others seat in economy class. Exit row seat specially made for a big, plus-size body man. You will stay here more comfortably than the other seat of that plane. So, always try to book an exit row seat.

8. Protect Your Health and Stay Comfortable

As a 24 size women Protect Your Health and Stay Comfortable

A plus-size body man is likely to develop Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is a deadly condition, and it results from sitting for a long period. To prevent this, you should get up between every two or three hours to stretch, rotating ankles and flexing toes. You should wear simple loose clothing that is not harmful to your skin and bring a shawl or lightweight blanket. If you take off your shoes, you might be unable to put them on later. So, always keep your shoes on.

9. Choose Destinations Where Big Is Beautiful

Choose Destinations Where Big size women Is Beautiful

If you are going to pass your holiday, the destination is a huge deal for plus-size women. Even the most beautiful and interesting place isn’t enjoyable if you feel you are being judged negatively all because of your size. Fortunately, there are now many countries in the world where size isn’t a matter to judge a man. Jamaica and Myanmar are very plus-size friendly countries where you may visit to enjoy your holiday fully. Also, South Africa, Fiji, Egypt, and Kenya include the big body as better. But the toughest area for a fat woman is Asia Particularly, Korea, and Japan.

However, that should not stop us from visiting those places or anywhere else in the world. Just be friendly and always try to say hello in their local language and smile confidently.

10. Seek Fat-Friendly Resorts and Specialized Travel Agents

Seek 24 size Friendly Resorts and Specialized Travel Agents

When you swim in a bathing suit in front of some average-weight people, you must face disapproving looks from them which are enough to kill your holiday plan. Therefore, choose fat-friendly resorts and an experienced travel agency before flying.

The Resort on Cat Island in the Bahamas describes itself as a safe haven for plus-size individuals without fear of outside judgment. They decorate it with poolside loungers, dining room chairs, but a major point to be noted is that they can rent out all their property for groups of up to 28 people. Another option to think is to use an experienced travel agent to make a plus-size friendly crowd.


Overall, be careful of your every step. When you are outside your home, keep yourself updated with your family members.

Cheers to a wonderful time outside your home!

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