Thongs or Cheekies: Which Is More Suitable?

Hey, lady! Have you always gotten thongs and cheekies mixed up? Or you just learned of the duo, but do not know whether thongs or cheekies would work best for you?

First, let me give you this assurance that you are never alone. Also, it is completely understandable if you mistake one for another; it happens. 

However, each has unique traits that distinguish it from the other. Guess what? Sharing them all with you is not a problem, provided you are patient enough to read this post till the end. 

I promise to show you all you need to know about these two, compare and contrast them in every necessary aspect so that you will be able to reach a reasonable decision according to your needs.

If this sounds a bit like what you are looking for, then stay glued to the very end. I bet it will be worth your time.

With that said, let’s get things underway. 

Get Familiar With Cheekies!

thongs or cheekies

Cheekies are those panties that attempt to give you a feel of two different panties, thongs and regular panties. Such a great way to spice up your undergarments game, right? 

But, how is this even possible? 

Cheekies, like their name, expose your butt cheeks tolerably while still offering decent coverage, especially in the front part. The side panels of cheeky underpants are wide such that they give your hips enough coverage.

I think the inventor of this design had those of you who are not so comfortable with thongs but still want to enjoy the sexy sense that comes with revealing the butt cheeks in mind. A typical case of eating your cake and having it at the same time; they deserve some hugs and kisses, don’t they?

Know Your Thongs

thong or cheekies

Thongs are styles of underwear that have just a string at the back, thereby barely offering any coverage at the back. 

The greatest news about these underpants is that they save you from even the smallest in the clan of visible panty lines. 

If you want an overdose of sexiness, then thongs are your go-to underpants. Forget the scuttlebutts about them, they are super-comfortable when you find your appropriate size

Cheeksters Vs Thongs

Getting it right with your choice of underwear is very necessary. This is because therein lies the core of a woman’s fashion, sexiness, and confidence. 

Therefore, I will make a comparison between the significant features of these two, hoping that you would find a cue to decide at the end of the tour. 

Let’s begin.

  1. Front Fit

Considering the fit of these two at the front, the results are quite similar, so much that you can not even tell which is which most of the time. 

Although, the high-cut style of thongs will give a thong away because that would give the crotch a narrower outline when pulled up onto the waist, which is never a feature of cheeksters. 

To a large extent, cheekies are considered to fit more comfortably in the front than a thong. 

  1. Side Fit

Another thing to consider is how the panties fit on the sides. Usually, thongs come with thin narrow straps at the sides while cheeksters come with wider straps.

So, you might want to make a choice depending on your preference or what you are wearing. For tight-fitting clothes and/or leather/nylon pants or skirts, cheeksters are not advisable as they are prone to giving you visible panty lines. Rather, choose a thong to put your panty lines in check. 

  1. Butt Fit

The fit of the pants at the backside is the major highlight of this subject. And this is the part that majorly distinguishes a cheekster from a thong.

If you want less coverage, then a thong is to the rescue. And as you have rightly guessed, choose a cheekie for more coverage in the butt area.  

As regards comfort, I am sure you know that is a relative subject. While Miss A finds thongs to be more comfortable, Miss B might be a die-hard fan of cheeksters because she finds them super-comfy.

  1. VPL

Do you know who the Lords of no-show panties are? THONGS! 

Since they are designed with straps at the rear which lie between the butt cheeks, thereby baring your cheeks such that no pant lines appear on your clothes.  

As you already know, the outline of your cheeksters will definitely show on your tight clothes. The gimmick is once a panty comes with a full outline, then it is more likely to leave its traces on your outfit. 

Frequent Asked Questions On Thongs Or Cheekies

Are thongs the same as cheeksters?

No, they are not the same. Thongs are scanty underpants that are entirely different from cheekies. They are different in designs, and ultimately, they deliver differently. Thongs provide less coverage and rule out every bit of visible panty lines. 

Cheeksters are like regular underpants but offer a peek of the bum, giving you a taste of what thongs offer.

Are cheekies comfortable?

Due to the design of cheekies, I can say they are comfortable pieces of underwear. Even so, some women do not find it comfortable, but you will enjoy cheeksters provided you pick up the right size for you. 

They are versatile pieces of underpants that can give you a bit of sexy feel while maintaining modesty.

Thongs or Cheekies: The Verdict

Alas, here we are at the most anticipated section! Permit me to drop a bomb; don’t be too disappointed because it is all for your good. 

Thongs or cheekies? It is very normal to be confused about which of these two you should subscribe to.  

The thing is, no one but you can decide for your nether regions. You are uniquely you, and this is uniquely about you. Comfort is very elemental to fashion, and that pertains to underwear as well.

However, this important subject is a very relative one, which means only you can say for sure what you find cozy. 

If you really don’t have a bad feeling about either of them, you can add both to your closets. If you focus on the no VPL advantage of thongs, you might make thongs your everyday underpants. 

Even though that has a downside to it also, you might consider switching it with other styles of undergarments occasionally.

If your concern is more about wedgies and increased coverage, then you might have to vote for cheeksters. 

Nonetheless, while you can get used to thongs over time and make yourself feel at home in them, there is no remedy to the panty lines that cheekies expose you to other than changing your choice of outfits entirely.

Weighing the pros and cons of thongs and cheekies, thongs might be more suitable. But like I said earlier, this choice is completely yours!

Comfort is primary, while all other things are secondary. So, in whatever you do, I hope you prioritize your comfort over anything else.