What Causes Wedgies?

So what if you have wedgies? It is not a strange experience with the ladies, which fully means that you are definitely not alone. The next line of action should be looking out for what causes wedgies, so you can know ‘who’ the perpetrators are and what workable solutions there are for this issue.

I understand quite alright that there are some ladies who can not stand the sight of thongs even though the innocent things did nothing wrong. It is just because the ladies do not like having anything lying between their butt cheeks, it just makes them uncomfortable. 

Imagine running all you can from thongs because you do not want to experience that, and humbly sticking to your regular panties, only to experience something similar. But this time, from wedgies.

Therefore, it is expedient to understand what causes underwear wedges. You know, the problem gets easier to solve when you know its source.

Let’s get the show on the road. 

What Causes Wedgies?

what causes wedgies

A couple of reasons cause wedgies, but we will be focusing on the major reasons. They are:

  1. An Improper Fit/Style Of Underwear

The style of some underwear makes you susceptible to having wedgies. Now, this is not about you doing anything wrong, but what shall the righteous do if the foundation is faulty?

This would mean that there are styles that you should beware of in the journey of choosing new panties. An example is the bikini cuts because they provide less coverage for the butts. 

  1. An Inappropriate Size

Inappropriate panties could mean that it is a bigger or a smaller size for you. Whichever it is, you will experience wedgies, regardless of the style of panties you choose.

When you wear underwear that is too tight for you, it will ride up your bum and get the gusset eating into your butt cheeks.

When you wear underwear that is too loose for you, the extra fabric on the panties dips into your butt cheeks. 

  1. The Material of The Underwear

Sometimes, you might have checked the first two conditions of choosing the right size and correct style of underwear, but still, choose the wrong material of underwear. 

An underwear made of cotton exposes you to wedgies more than that which was made of synthetic fabric. 

This is because the synthetic underwears stretch more and conform to your body outline, irrespective of how you move.

  1. Age of The Underwear

And the last on my list for the causes of wedgies, but not the least, is the age of the underwear. Aging is inevitable and not just for the living, even non-living things experience it. 

An underwear that fulfills all the conditions above, but has aged with time, is prone to giving you wedgies too. 

It would have lost its elasticity (stretchiness) over time, even when it was synthetic from inception. So, you might have to check if you have had the underwear for some time. 


How Do You Fix Wedgies? 

As I mentioned earlier, knowing the causes of wedgies has done nothing but simplified the problem for us. 

I know some of you can guess what the solutions would possibly be, even so, this post spells it all out. 

So, read along.

  • Pick Up The Proper Styles of Panty

If a particular style of panty has always given you the wedgies, then it might be time to change the ballgame entirely. 

I understand that some underpants styles can sway you; but focus, girl, do not be tempted!   

  • Get Measured

As easy as this seems, you would be surprised how many women do not even know the exact sizes of their underpants

Most of them do guess works and realize after every shopping that they have picked the wrong size at some point. 

So, lady, measure yourself appropriately before you go shopping. If possible, do it now and then in case your body size/weight fluctuates frequently. Do not see this as stress, it is just to be on the safe side.

  • Check The Materials Of Underpants

If cotton underpants give you wedgies all the time, it might be a signal to tweak your choice of materials. Spandex or synthetic fabrics for your underpants is a good option to consider for your panties. 

Stretchy cotton, if that exists, would be a great option for you as well; cotton seems to be the best fan of our VJay. They are breathable lots!

  • Trash The Oldies

If a panty that has always been perfect for you starts to eat into your buttcheeks, then they might be due for a replacement. 

Throw out the Methuselahs in your underwear closet and replace them with young and vibrant briefs that would save you from all wedgies.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Causes Wedgies

What is a wedgie at the front called? 

A wedgie at the front, where chunks of your underpants ride up into your lips, is called a front wedgie. 

How do I stop my hungry butt?

Getting the size and style of your underpants right, picking up stretchy underpants, and throwing out your worn undies are some tips you can employ to stop your butts from eating a chunk of your undies.

What is the meaning of “get the wedgies”?

“Getting the wedgies” is an intentional and enforced act of getting a chunk of your underwear in between your butt cheeks.

It is usually an act of bullying or a prank common among school children.

Why does my underwear go up on my bum?

When your pants are extra small, it means they are not enough to cover your bum and they will ride up. When they are extra-large, the extra fabric will go up because they can’t just stay in place.

Sometimes, it is due to the fabric or the style of the pant. 

Wrapping It Up

And that is all about what causes wedgies! I hope I have been able to answer your questions about what causes underwear wedgies.

I understand that you might not enjoy having a chunk of your underpants between your cheeks and that you have probably been wondering how to fix wedgies.

This is why I have put some leads together for you, so follow through with the tips I shared if you really desire to slay your underpants seamlessly. 

Now that you have discovered the answers to “what causes wedgies” and how to fix them, I hope you will give them a try; and I also hope you find them very beneficial. 

You can share the tip that interests you the most, the one you found to be most beneficial, and your experiences when you put them to practice.

Have a wonderful pant experience!