Startling Revelation: What Color Bra Do Guys Like The Most?

Ladies find bras to be items of support, beauty, and at times, a symbol of sexiness. This subject of sexiness has made some women wonder “what color bra do guys like the most?”

As much as you want to pick a bra that looks cute to you, no lady hopes to get it wrong by wearing a color that would turn their boyfriends o on their night out.

Mind you, I totally agree that whatever we wear should completely be our choice and for us. However, we cannot rule out the fact that we want our man to appreciate us when we are barely dressed. Plus, we always want to set their minds on fire and fill their eyes with passion.

Because of this reason, we have put this article together to show you the answers to the question “what color bra do guys like the most?”.

Let us get the show on the road.

First off, 

Do Men Really Care About Color?

Yes, but not to a great extent. To men, it is more of who is wearing the bra than the color of the bra you are wearing. This does not overrule that they have color preferences for their own undergarments and yours. 

The most important of this is all your own attitude, the confidence with which you wear the lingerie itself. Confidence itself, they say, is sexy.

Nevertheless, from a survey on Quora, the responses from most men suggested that they love colors red, black, pink and white. There are certainly other colors that attract men, but these four rank highest on the forum.

Let us dig deeper into these color preferences.

What Color Bra Do Guys Like Most?

Shall we have a quick rundown of the 5 colors that guys prefer your bra comes in? Great, let’s begin!

  1. Red

This color is perceived to be the color of attraction. Psychologists even say it is highly connected to passion and ardor. It is one color that fuels a man’s attraction for a woman.

  1. Pink

When moderate, pink is subtle, womanly, and flirty. Men find it appealing when you do not overdo it, too much of this color could give you off as being immature. This is definitely not something you would love, so take it easy with the ‘pink’.

  1. Black

If you want to present yourself as a sophisticated, sexy lady with so much class, enter the ‘black’ arena. 

Men love black colors on women, and it is easy for us too. However, if your skin color is on the dark side, a black-colored bra will not look so great on you. Try out some sharp colors instead.

  1. White

This color indicates class and purity to men, and most of all, it is a timeless color to them. It is quite surprising that men love the color white because it is a less attractive color. 

However, the love seems to stem from their own love for white- such flawlessness!

Getting a bra in one of these colors will not really do the magic, compared to when the style is also a grand match with the color you choose.

In this vein, let us check out the bra styles men really look out for.

  1. Blue

Just like white, blue is not really a woman’s color. Many men love blue, and that’s why some of them love to see women wear blue. Not some navy blue though, that is so dull that I think it would even turn men off, but some really light blue will spark the fire.

What Bra Styles Do Guys Like The Most?

  1. Push-Up Bras

This type of bra will always top the chart. You most certainly know why, but if you don’t, here is it: a push-up bra will push your boobs towards the center thereby creating a pronounced cleavage. 

This oozes all the sexiness in the world, what more could a man desire? If you want to achieve a sexy, appealing look, wear a pushup bra!

  1. Sheer Lace Bra

If you want to get naughty, try out a sheer lace bra. Rather than usual fabrics, these bras are made of lacy materials which support your mission of revealing more.

They are seductive little things that show more, enough to feed the men’s eyes and turn them on.

  1. Demi Bra

A demi bra is a very hot undergarment that men love to see on women. This is because demi bras provide less coverage but still a reasonable degree of support. 

Their cups are like half of those that come with conventional bras, so there is enough skin and boobs to feed their eyes with.

  1. Easy-Open Bras

It is safest and best to choose bras that a man can easily remove. A bra is not a man’s undergarment, so they are not used to the whole thing. 

You do not want to make it harder for them by choosing a bra that is difficult to remove. Men love and appreciate bras that they can undo their closures easily.

  1. Balconette

This type of bra has cups that provide much lesser coverage than demi bra cups. They emphasize the natural cleavage and give the breasts some form of lift that makes the woman look appealing and sexy. 

Nothing gives men more joy than enjoying a cleavage spotlight.

  1. Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are not bras per se, but they are tiny stickers placed on the nipples to keep them well hidden when a lady decides to free the boobs. They are sticky and remain on the boobs with the help of adhesive glue.

Guys love these covers because they can easily remove them and there is still enough boobs to show off. This makes it easy for guys to play around the boobs, and those covers come in seductive shapes and colors.

Just so you know, guys prefer less stress when it comes to bedroom matters.

  1. ‘Braless’

Going braless is a form of bra you wear, putting on your skin. In the real sense, this is not a type of bra, but most men would vote for this.

When you free the boobs, they can easily tell and imagine what you have got under. And this just stimulates their interests the more, they can’t just wait anymore.

They also see bras as one hurdle they have to cross before they really get to you. Ladies, save your man some stress.

To conclude

We have come to the end of our adventure on what color bra do guys like the most. I hope this article was able to provide some of the answers you need about the colors men love bras to come in and why they love them. 

Also, we have made a rundown on the styles of bras that catch the interests of the opposite gender.

It is worthy to note that this article does not aim to influence your choice of what bra to wear, the decision is absolutely yours. 

We very much believe that you should be real, be yourself, and not go the extra mile to please the other gender. Do whatever works for you. 

Even men want you to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing plus they watch out more for the vibes you give rather than what you wear. 

So ladies, regardless of men’s perceptions, do you!