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What Is The Point Of A Thong?

It is pretty normal to ask ‘what is the point of a thong?’ if you are just joining the train of thong lovers. The gossip about thongs being nasty wears might have prompted you to search for the purpose of these underfashion items.

Regardless of what you are wearing, you must be comfortable at the end of the day and that’s all that matters, according to Clovia Blog

So, seeking a conviction for the purposes of these essential items is intelligible. Therefore, stick to this post if you really intend to know the purpose of thongs.

Let’s get busy. 

Anatomy Of A Thong 

The thong is structured in a way that the triangle at the front is larger than the triangle at the back. The two triangular pieces of fabric are connected by a band at the waist level, which can either be thick or thin. 

Their level of coverage ranges from little to none at all. 

What Materials Do Thongs Come In?

Most thongs come in lace fabrics, which gives them their alluring appearance. Some others come in nylon materials that lay smooth on the body and give you a sexy feel when you put them on. 

And seldomly, they come in cotton and microfiber materials, which are more breathable materials for the nether regions. 

What Is The Point Of A Thong?

So, you might have been wondering what the whole fuss is about thongs. Permit me to say that the purpose of thongs is quite comparative. 

While some women perceive thongs to be items that appeal to their sexuality, others see them as pros in concealing panty lines on the outfits. 

Oddly, they are like every other undergarment to some women that simply create a barrier between their skin and whatever outfit they are putting on, in which they feel very comfortable. 

What Is The Purpose Of Thong Underwear?

Based on the different perceptions of women on what the point of a thong is, this post will discuss the purpose of a thong under three categories. 

  1. No-Show Panties

Thongs are professionals in hiding all lines that regular panties usually leave at the back of your dress/pants. 

This is possible because of the design that gives them fewer materials at the back, which most of the time lies between the butt depending on the width of the strap at the back. 

So, most women subscribe to thongs because they detest those nasty unwanted outlines on their dresses. You can also do the same! 

  1. Comfort

Research confirms that about 70% of women find thongs to be very comfortable. This post will seize this medium to debunk the popular hearsay that thongs can be very uncomfortable.

Whoever started the rumor must have tried out a size smaller than them on their first attempt with thongs, so they might probably not be wrong. That is what you get when sizing goes wrong. 

Thongs are super-comfy if you pick up the right size, and most times, they come in fabrics that you can feel very comfortable in.  I promise you will be tempted to make them your everyday wear if you shop for the right sizes.

  1. Sexual Appeal

All thanks to the minimal butt cheeks coverage, thongs are wonderful items for sexual appeal while maintaining their function of top-notch comfort. 

Regardless of what you throw over these items of the underfashion, sexiness overdose is assured. 

Confidence is sexy, they say. So, if you need some shots of confidence for that presentation at work, put on a thong!

Frequently Asked Questions On What Is The Point Of A Thong

Do thongs serve a purpose?

Of course, thongs serve a purpose. If it was just a purpose that you might not get elsewhere, it would be giving you freedom from the shackles of panty lines. If it were more, then it would be helping you feel sexy and confident in yourself plus comfort, which is very essential.

Why are thongs better than conventional underwear?

Most women prefer thongs to regular underwear because they find them more comfortable. They believe the sparse clothing of a thong saves them from wedgies, panty lines, and the fabric they come in most of the time rarely sags. 

What more would a woman want? Mind you, you would get these results if only you pick the right size for you.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Thong?

The Brazilian pants are different from thongs in their designs. They offer more coverage than thongs, which come with high waistlines and a narrow cut at the sides, providing less coverage on the hips that make your legs appear longer.  

Are thongs underwear healthy to wear?

Even though thongs have been associated with urinary tract infections and vaginal infections, they are still very safe to wear if you know the way around it. 

Don’t make them your everyday wear and do not wear dirty thongs. Also, remove them at night to let your vagina breathe. 

However, you are not liable to develop infections from wearing thongs if you do not have a predisposition for them. 

Final Thoughts

So far, this post has carefully discussed the answers to the question- what is the point of a thong. I hope you found what you are looking for. 

Even though thongs mean different things to different women, there is still a place of common interests. 

This post established that the purpose of thongs falls under three categories – hiding your panty lines, sexual appeal and top-grade comfort. 

Bear in mind that to get the best out of thongs and have them fulfill these purposes fully, you have to understand the ways of thong and a vast knowledge of how they work. 

This might mean you seeking answers to questions like how old you should be to wear thongs, what size of thongs you should wear, how thongs should fit, wearing thongs in bed, amongst others. 

Above all, make comfort your watchword for a superb thong experience.