What Size Thong Do I Wear?

Did you know thongs being uncomfortable is just hearsay? And right here is a disclaimer: thongs are super-comfy if you choose the right sizes for you. This might bring you to searching for answers to the ‘what size thong do I wear’ question.

To be candid, thongs are a must-have in every woman’s underwear closet. I mean, who wouldn’t want these sexy, beautiful, alluring, and charming pieces of undergarment? 

Meanwhile, research has revealed that a larger percentage of women find thongs to be very comfortable than the conventional panties, as per Clovia Blog. They all can’t be wrong, can they?

So, before you take them off your mind completely, take a pause and read this post to understand what other ladies are doing differently, after which you can decide whether or not to remove them from your shopping list.

Let’s get started. 

The first thing would be to,

Get Yourself Measured

what size thong do I wear

Surprisingly, many women do not know the right sizes for their underwear, regular or thongs. It’s totally fine if you fall under this category. 

Here is how to: 

  • Place a tape rule vertically on your normal waist level and measure 5cm downwards.

  • Note the point that is.

  • Then, wrap your tape measure around you at that level and also note what that is.

  • You can also measure your hip around the bum area; this is usually necessary for full underpants.

Note that your values should either be in centimeters or in inches.

This is what you will do with the value you get; look up the value in the table below.


Waist (inches)

Hip (inches)


24 – 25

33 – 34

XXS (0/2)

24 – 25

35 – 36

XS (2/4)

26 – 27

37 – 38

S (6/8)

28 – 30

39 – 40

M (10/12)

31- 34

42 – 45

L (14/16)

35 – 38

46 – 49

XL (18/20)

39 – 42

50 – 53

XXL (22/24)

For instance, if you have measured 26 inches for your waist and 37 for your hips, you would most likely be wearing a size 6 or Small size of underpants. 

So, be mindful of whichever you find on the label of your panties, be it the numbers or the letters. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, you will wear the same size you wear for a cheekster or briefs with a thong

But according to Unewear, you can go a size up if a laxer fit makes you more comfortable and also if the material of the thong is not as stretchy as it should be. Never you tune it down!

You can also save yourself some trouble by picking up thongs that are one size fits all. 

How To Pick The Right Thong

You might find the following tips useful if you desire to be a part of the larger percentage of women that testifies to the power of thongs.

  1. Purpose

There are diverse styles of thongs, and you might want to put your motive into consideration before choosing any. 

As much as thongs are gurus in the department of hiding unwanted outlines that regular pants leave on your outfits, they are also alluring items. So, choose according to the intent behind its purchase. 

  1. Size

In fashion affairs, size is a very crucial one. No matter how smashing the item looks, be it an outfit or undergarment, the wrong size can ruin everything.  

A thong too big for you can give you wedgies, while a thong smaller for you can make you very uncomfortable. Just pick a size that fits you snugly. 

  1. Fabric

In my previous post on how a thong should fit, it was established that cotton fabrics are the best when it comes to underwears. 

At other times, you can go for nylon materials because of how smooth they lie beneath your clothes, giving you a well-trimmed look in body con dresses.

Cotton is best known for its breathability, and since your underpants are the best buddies for your pudenda, they have to seek the good health of your V-jay. 

Frequently Asked Questions On What Size Thong Do I Wear

How tight should a thong be?

A thong should have a snug fit just the same way it rolls with your briefs or cheekies, but certainly not so tight that it digs into your skin or makes you very uncomfortable. 

Why do thongs make me smell?

You would experience this if you have chosen a thong made of a fabric that is not breathable. When a thong fabric doesn’t allow your vagina to breathe, there is an accumulation of moisture in your nether regions that might nurture the growth of bacteria. 

Eventually, there are vaginal infections or urinary tract infections that could make you smell. 

How do I get comfortable in my thongs?

It is important to note that thongs feel differently from boyshorts or cheeksters, and this implies that they require getting used to. 

To be very honest, the first weeks might be very uncomfortable, but the trick is taking your mind off it.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the answer to ‘what size thong do I wear?’ is the same as the size you wear for your regular underwear. 

Although, the final decision lies in your hands; whether to stick to the exact size of your regular panties or go one size up if you prefer your thongs loose a bit. 

Two sizes up can be so big for you that they would give you wedgies, so it is best to stick with a size up. As mentioned earlier and for the sake of emphasis, do not go a size down. 

Check out the fabric of the thong, be sure what purpose you want the thong to serve, and try them out if possible before adding them to your cart.